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  1. Z

    iCloud from the Cloud to Photos

    How can i transfer the photos/videos from the Cloud to Photos keeping the date and time, so the new footage will sort with the rest of my contents in Photos?
  2. C

    Mac OS Video Splitter (cut full length Videos every 10, 30, 60 seconds etc.)

    Hey there, does anyone know a good Video Splitter for Mac OS (maybe also M1 support) that allows me to cut multiple videos maybe in Batch Process every 10, 15, 30, 60 seconds etc? Is there anything like that available that you can recommend? I need to cut full lengths Videos of 5min, 10min etc...
  3. Z

    pics n videos from MacOS to iOS

    Is there a way to transfer photos or videos back to iOS from Photos MacOS?
  4. penrua

    Photos app - jump in brightness when viewing videos [13 Pro]

    On the Photos app, when I click into a video which was recorded on my new 13 Pro, the video itself will jump to near 100% brightness, but none of the rest of the screen will. The same does not happen when I tap into a video recorded on my old XR. Interestingly, when I do a screen record and do...
  5. alexstrider18

    Final Cut Pro

    hiya everyone, would love some help here, I bought final cut pro for my MacBook pro M1 and in photos iv over 400 videos and over 4000 photos but in final cut, it seems iv full access to all my photos but when I select {video} I'm only able to access less than 20 ,. and iv no idea why,. and no...
  6. Z

    iPad Is footage in Viber saved to iCloud?

    What happens to footage (Photos or Videos) thats sent to me via Viber? Are they also stored to iCloud, or do i need to save them first to the iPad, so they can be stored in Photos and then to be transferred to iCloud?
  7. RazorBackX

    Downloading all iCloud photos and videos through Apple data and privacy.

    Please help me, Long story short I have searched the internet and did hours and hours of research and still cannot get a clear answer. I’m hoping someone can finally help me. I have 55,000 photos in iCloud and 400 videos. I want all of them off iCloud and in a folder in my desktop. I know there...
  8. purdnost

    Suggestions for Archiving iPhone Media Yearly?

    I use iCloud for syncing and short-term backups in the Photos app. I move all my photos and videos to an external hard drive for archiving yearly. In previous years, I would allow the Photos app for macOS auto sync and download all original files to a library on an external drive. I’ve been...
  9. bonjourx

    iPhone 12 Pro Storage usage for iphone12 pro max help!

    Hello everyone! I have read that Apple now has Apple raw and Dolby for taking videos, I am just wondering if 256GB would be enough if I use those often? Little information about my usage with my 11PM, so far out of 256GB I have only used 55.1GB. I also currently have the 200GB iCloud but I have...
  10. U

    iOS 14 Low Quality iMessage Videos

    Does anyone else have severe low quality videos/Live Photo when sending with iMessage? The video on my iPhone X is crystal clear but when ever I send it, it gets obliterated to super low quality. This occurred throughout iOS 14 beta and persists in the final. I did a factory reset, set up as...
  11. J

    Need urgent help retrieving photos and videos from iPhone XS Max with an Error (47) message

    I have an iPhone XS Max 512 G. I love photos and videos and have 2 very young kids and captured their most treasured moments. Because I was worried iCloud backup would take forever an it's a large phone with a lot of data and since iCloud doesn't keep things that are off your phone, I decided to...
  12. S

    Videos uploaded as photos

    I recently uploaded a number of photos and videos from my Mac to iCloud. These files were not in my Photos app on my Mac but rather saved as files. When I uploaded the videos to iCloud, they were saved as photos. I accidentally deleted the original files. Is there anything I can do? Has the...
  13. 1

    All Devices How To Transfer Camera videos above 4.29gb to Ipad using Files App

    So pretty much as end of video shows Importing from Photos app will still fail since it has a 4.29gb limitation. I am on 13.2 beta 3 for my ipad 11. I am directly connected to files app with my sony camera a6400 set to mass storage. In the future if apple fixed the photos import app limitation...
  14. L

    iPhone XS Max How Do I Save All iMessage Pics/Videos in Bulk?

    My iMessage app is taking up like 40GBs on my Max, and I'd like to clean that up a bit. Unlike WhatsApp, iMessage doesn't save everything you receive into the camera roll. Is there an easy way to just export all pics and videos? If not, what's the best option?
  15. Z

    duplicated footage in Photos

    Just upgraded Yosemite to ElCap and something strange has occurred. When i connect my iPhone, footage of photos and videos that are on the iPhone appear in Photos twice. Footage that i have already there appear fro the second time. This issue wasn't happening in Yosemite! Can i solve this?
  16. L

    Transferring full quality Videos and Photos to PC?

    Recently I've been on a vacation and made a bunch of videos (mostly 4k and full hd) and photos. The number of them are over 1.1k, and I would really like to transfer ALL of them, or at least 80% of them to a windows PC so I can cut and edit the videos in Vegas. Well, I tried all kind of...
  17. B

    iPhone 8(+) Transferring videos to PC

    Every time I connect my iPhone 8 to my PC (running Windows 7) via USB and copy a bunch of video files, it works for some amount of time, maybe 5 minutes, maybe 10. Then the USB connection always fails with the message "A device attached to the system is not functioning". I've tried multiple...
  18. P

    Downloaded iCloud Photos still does not include Date of photo/video taken

    Does anyone know a way to download iCloud Photos and keep the file creation date the same as the photo shooting date, and not the downloaded file date? When I download photos or videos from iCloud website, or use any third app to do the same (like anytrans), the downloaded file EXIF data will...
  19. S

    Old Apple Videos

    Hey all, I'm the creator of the Unofficial Apple Archive and I'm planning on launching a fully updated, public version of my archive in the summer. I've exhausted YouTube and the Apple Podcasts stream of keynotes so I'm turning to you all to see if anyone has a huge amount of keynote video...
  20. Z

    Youtube subtitles

    Is it possible for a user to create his own subtitles for the Youtube videos he wants to see? Are those subtitles a Youtube issue or could i just make my own, for the video i like?