1. blackxacto

    Is it possible to run OS X Leopard in a partition of Big Sur?

    I need some documents from an application for The New Yorker Magazine. But it only runs in Leopard. I've never fooled w virtual installations.
  2. H

    Mac Create and monitor virtual serial port

    I got a piece of code written in Python that interacts with different devices through a serial port connection. I usually run in on a Raspberry Pi (e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0 port) or PC (e.g. COM0 port). Currently, I don't have access to these devices, but need to debug the code and only got my MacBook...
  3. C

    BootCamp The startup disk does not have enough space to be partitioned

    I am currently trying to install bootcamp, however i am experiencing the following error: "The startup disk does not have enough space to be partitioned." "You must have at least 42GB of free space available." I have checked my storage and i have 62GB available storage. I have checked and my...
  4. bwintx

    Microsoft pulls Windows 10 October 2018 Update

    In case you missed it: There are some reports that VMs with Windows 10 1809 aren’t immune to the particular file-deletion bug that seems to be in play here. Just as an added safety measure, I have at least...
  5. leo-tech

    Mac mini alternatives (macOS in VM on Apple and non-Apple hardware)

    I am thinking of upgrading my old macmini-2011, but apparently Apple is not on a hurry to offer their customers an updated Mac mini model, worth considering (6th/7th generation i7 4c/8t processor, up to 32GB user-upgradeable memory, Thunderbolt 3). Naturally, I still hope that this sad...
  6. ZapNZs

    VMWare Fusion 8.5.8 + APFS VMs

    If you have Fusion, they just released 8.5.8 a few days ago, although it appears they are yet to publish official documentation as the release notes are blank. I just tried upgrading a Sierra VM to High Sierra with APFS as it looked like some non-English site said 8.5.8 supports it. Where as...
  7. Tipsy McStagger

    Can't create parallels VM from bootcamp

    Hi all, I have been running windows 10 in bootcamp and have had a VM from parallels for some time. It's been working well until recently I tried to boot the VM and it gave me an error (don't remember what it was). I deleted the VM thinking I'd recreate it but now I don't have the option to...
  8. I

    Universal MapWalker: Simulated Travel

    MapWalker lets you start an amazing virtual trip on map around the world. Just rotate your iPhone or iPad, you can easily control the direction of movement. When the travel ends, you can save the travel path and replay it later. Features...
  9. ironmarble

    Universal Deck Of Cards - Multiplayer Playing Cards

    We've just recently released our app Deck Of Cards, a mobile app that allows you to play any card game on the mobile phone with your friends. It replaces the need for carrying around a physical deck of cards, and also has some other benefits! Features: Multiplayer up to 8 players Automatic...
  10. one1

    Storage question with virtual drive

    I've attached these two screens of my drive storage report. Since this is a MacBook Air I'm trying to watch my storage space and it appears as though this 30gb drive is virtual inside the 15gb, which is backwards so I know I'm not looking at it right. I'm trying to see if I need the 15gb, but...