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  1. R

    iPhone Visual Voicemail - can't be deactivated?

    Ok, call me a Luddite but I do not like Visual Voicemail. It adds steps to the whole voicemail receiving & answering process & I find it is just one of those things that's a 'solution' to a problem that didn't exist. Anyhews, putting that aside... when I bought my iPhone Xs a couple of years...
  2. S

    Why is it so hard to listen to voicemail?

    This has been an issue with my last 3 iphones, all different models. Why is it so hard to listen to voicemail while holding it to my ear? I hit play and put it to my ear and it either immediately stops or stops after 5 seconds and I need to hit play again. It's just so precarious. What's with...
  3. TomFromAndroid

    Carrier No voicemail notifications on iPhone SE

    I have a new iPhone SE running the latest iOS 12.1.4. My problem is that calls that go to voicemail leave no indication that there's a message waiting...only that there was a missed call. The phone icon shows the red badge with a "1" but when I open the phone app there's no indication on the...
  4. T

    What is the best way to back up old voicemails?

    I have a few old voicemails on my iPhone that i want to back-up that are very important and was wondering the best way to back them up? I had backed up some before somehow but i'm not sure which program i used (i think iExplorer).
  5. G

    No notification when there is a new voicemail (iPhone 6+, Tracfone BYOP plan)

    Ever since I purchased my iPhone 6 Plus, I used T-Mobile as my service provider. Whenever I had a new voice message, the phone icon on my home screen would light up with a number to indicate how many voice messages I had. In addition, when opening the phone app, the Voicemail tab would also...
  6. H

    iPhone Persistent Voicemail Notification 11.2.5

    When someone leaves me a vm, I get notified -- that's fine. But after clearing the notification but not listening to it, the iPhone X KEEPS notifying me on my lock screen. This never happened prior to iOS 11. Crazy annoying. Is there any way to stop it?
  7. S

    Reject spam call without voicemail

    I know there are several ways to reject an incoming phone call. But I can't seem to find a way to fully reject a call and also keep the caller from going to my voicemail. This is mainly for the several spam calls I get every day. Blocking numbers is not an option because the calls always come...
  8. Morac

    "Transcription not available"

    I have AT&T and the last voicemail I received that transcribed was on December 27, 2016. All the voicemails I received from September when I got my 7 Plus till 12/27/2016 except one transcribed. Recent voicemails simply display "transcription not available". I'm not sure when it stopped...
  9. jaredelguay

    Siri and Voicemail Transcription -- Battery drain?

    Anyone encountered issues relating to voicemail transcription going a little crazy and running down battery via "Siri" in battery usage? I watched the activity monitor using Xcode when I received voicemail, and "" jumped to the top of CPU usage and went haywire for...
  10. J

    Disable Voicemail Transcription

    Has anyone figured out how to disable voicemail transcription on iOS 10? For those that are interested I had a chatting session with Apple and they had to pull in a Senior Advisor ... apparently this is an issue that many are struggling with. And I guess you can't disable the feature or turn it...
  11. M

    iPhone Voicemail Reminders

    Ever since one of the more recent iOS updates, my phone is constantly reminding me of new voicemails. It can be seven days old, and it is still sending me reminders. If I don't want to check my voicemail, I don't really want constant reminders. What is worse is they tend to go off at weird...
  12. S

    Problem with voicemail.

    I am from India and our network (vodafone) doesn't provide voicemail service and i feel i need it badly. i miss lots of calls, my older network from other state used to serve me this but by making calls and listening to voicemail and getting navigated through buttons by using numeric commands...