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Dec 30, 2009
I have AT&T and the last voicemail I received that transcribed was on December 27, 2016. All the voicemails I received from September when I got my 7 Plus till 12/27/2016 except one transcribed.

Recent voicemails simply display "transcription not available". I'm not sure when it stopped working exactly though as I don't have any voicemails between the one that worked and one on Feb 11, 2017 that didn't. No voicemails since then though have transcribed.

I did do a restore at some point between 12/27 and 2/11, but I'm pretty sure I did one on 11/5/16 too and a voicemail I received on 11/11/16 transcribed.

Is anyone having problems with voicemail transcription not working at all?
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