water damage

  1. T

    Iphone Xs Restart loop ONLY WHEN USED after "minor" liquid damage

    hello everyone, So last month I dipped my phone in the pool (i.e. not saltwater) for a brief moment and after that nothing happened just wanted to see that IP68 in action. After that I tried taking a video underwater of about 15 seconds long ( a week ago) . In the beginning, there was nothing...
  2. T

    Water Damaged Macbook Pro Mid 2017

    Hi All, Recently sent my mid 2018 mac book pro to some damage technicians due to water damage. The guys who took it can't really say what's wrong so they want to replace the logic board and top case. My water bottle leaked on it but not badly. The machine turns on and get to the sign in home...
  3. L

    iPhone X iPhone X boot loop after (slight) water damage

    On vacation I accidentally fell into the sea with my iPhone X. It was just for a brief 20 seconds until I got out of the water. The iPhone continued working for a long period, but I noticed that my Face ID was currently unavailable. Later that evening, my iPhone died and I wanted to charge it...
  4. perky9988

    iPhone SE peculiar iPhone SE water damage

    Trying to diagnose my iPhone SE, help. The story started about a month ago, I went swimming with my iPhone SE in my pocket. I left it in a bowl of rice for a day but when it turned on, the power button was water logged making it continuously pressed and the screen was unresponsive with lots of...
  5. D

    MacBook Pro 13" Touchbar Water Spill!!!

    Okay, I broke the cardinal sin of storing a water bottle next to my laptop. I know, I'm an idiot... but please help. The laptop was off when the water spilled, so I'm hoping the fans didn't distribute any of the water too far. I made sure it didn't turn on 100% until it was dry the next day...
  6. J

    Water damage to screen

    Hi. My Macbook pro was in my backpack and I suspect some of the water from my water bottle spilled and made its way into the screen of my laptop. In reality I don’t know how this happened but there are some water spots on the screen. Should I just wait for the water to evaporate? Is a screen...
  7. jcswim312

    Water damaged iMac G4

    Hey guys, I was getting ready to leave for vacation and took my window air conditioner out of the window. Unfortunately it had been raining that day and my iMac was sitting below the air-conditioner and a lot of water poured directly into the top of my iMac G4 - there is a lot of holes on the...
  8. Vbmalek

    iPhone XR Screen Water Damage HELP!

    My phone got splashed with water 18hrs ago. The screen looks like this now. The screen has to transparent blue spots in the right side and it appears as grainy, smudged all over the upper screen. It is also dimmed and has a bright line at the bottom of the screen. Has this happened to you...
  9. gertrud_s

    Touch Bar water damage

    Hi, I accidentally spilled water on the left side of my Macbook Pro 2017 Touch Bar. I put it in rice for 24 hours, and just now turned it on. Everything but the touch bar now seems to be working - there is just no light coming from it. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks
  10. C

    Very minor liquid damage

    Hi everyone, A drop of liquid (iced coffee w/ milk) fell smack in the middle of the J key on my MBA (8th generation). I dried with towel right away but I’m positive a little rolled into the crack around the key. I did turn it off/flip it over. Will leave it off over night. It was working...
  11. H

    iPhone 7 got wet and now won't charge? Is there no fix?

    I dropped my iPhone 7 slighting into the bath while it was charging and nothing happened. Later on it died and would not charge at all. I would press the power button and the screen would turn on with the battery dead sign, so maybe the circuits are not fried? I was wondering, if I were to...
  12. M

    iPhone X Water in Earpiece of Notch

    I unknowingly spilled water on my iPhone X while doing tasks on my computer. It sat in the puddle of water, playing music until I finally looked at my phone to check the time and saw it covered in water. The phone appeared entirely unaffected after a wipe-down until I realised that the second...
  13. simplynoor

    Water under MacBook Pro screen

    Hi there, so I got some water under my MacBook Pro. screen I had my water bottle in my bag alongside my MacBook Pro that had a case cover on and it was inside a laptop pouch. Somehow my water bottle opened, spilling water at the bottom of my bag which is how the water got to it. Thankfully, no...
  14. rosaca

    Water damage. Works again but turns off a few minutes in.

    So, I was drinking a glass of water when I spilled it over my Macbook Air 2016. I immediately turned it upside down but did not turn it off. Then put it on top of a cotton towel upside down and it turned off by itself. Left it there during the night (9h). This morning I tried to turn it on again...
  15. ahmeetgungor

    MBA 13" Crazy fan speed and running so slow like 2003 machines

    First of all I'm new here, excuse me if I creating this thread in a wrong place of the forum. The subject is, as you can see from the title above, I had a water spill on my MBA from the top left side. All of the ports are working as fine as normally, battery is working and charging, the keyboard...
  16. E

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Sound stuck in headphone mode?

    So today, me being me, I dropped my phone in a fairly large puddle today. And again, me being me, I thought nothing of it. So when I went to play music through my phone (without the headphones) it says that it is still stuck in headphone mode? Once I actually put the headphones in, the music...
  17. K

    Iphone 6, left in water overnight on charger

    so on Monday, I woke up to my phone on the floor of my tent, in a puddle on the charger, what can I do. I tried to reboot by holding power and home and a white screen with a black apple logo appeared for like 1 second, nothing since then.
  18. A

    MacbookPro7.1 spilled water

    Hello everyone. I spilled water in my macbook around two weeks ago and now the LCD screen looks like that does not iluminate. I have to check with a external screen if the problem is due to a screen fault or a logic board fault but I am waiting to receive the mini display port - hdmi. I would...
  19. S

    Water Damage (please help)

    I spilled a little bit of tap water on my 2013 MacBook Air 13" keyboard. I was playing music on it, and it suddenly became unresponsive. Then the music stopped playing and it turned off. I tried turning it on to no avail. At first, I didn't know it was water damage, so I tried all these weird...
  20. Kassandraxo

    Trackpad cable fried

    Two days ago my daughter spilled a little bit of water on my MBA! I unplugged it and turned it off right away. Let it dry until today. Turned it on and the keyboard worked to let me type in my password but once I was logged in it stopped working and the trackpad doesn’t work either. Plus my fan...