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web development

  1. W

    How do I use Safari technology Preview?

    Hello, please I need to see the fonts of some websites, once upon a time I right clicked and the Safari inspector window appeared and it would tell me the font name (if available), now with Big Sur I don't see anything like that anymore, I downloaded Safari Technology preview which supposedly...
  2. T

    (re)learning PHP. Best setup?

    Hello all, Years ago I learned PHP in a class at my local tech college. Built a little CMS as you do. That was on Windows using Notepad ++ (or maybe even MS Expressions Web) and WAMP. I had a little PHP job the other day and forgot how much I actually enjoyed it, despite how frustrating it can...
  3. maverick28

    Mac How to get the Web-Inspector of Safari 7 in Safari 9?

    Hello, My question is as stated in the subject: how to get the web-inspector of Safari 7 back in Safari 9 for Mavericks?
  4. H

    Web Design Frameworks

    Hi, I have been delving into web development quite heavily recently. I have searched all over the internet for what is the best framework to use. I know that what would be considered the "best" can be affected by what I want to do, specifically. I want to create websites that are easily to...
  5. A

    Buying advice for web developer student - Looking at MacBook Pros 15" from 2012-2015

    So I already have a 2011 MBP that's 11 inches I use as my primary laptop but want to upgrade it to a larger display. I've been getting into web development and while the 11" MBA is awesome the tiny screen isnt great for coding. (And I'll be going to a classroom as a student so an external...
  6. P


  7. dearste

    Dell U2415 or U2414H?

    Hello to all, in your opinion, what model it is in this picture? U2415 or U2414H? And the best choice for a web agency? Regards, Steve.
  8. C

    Automation? Managing Image Assets for iOS and Android - 1.5x, 2x, 3x

    I'm a bit confused as to how to best automate the management of image assets for the web, for optimal presentation on both iOS and Android devices? From what I've gathered, Android devices require a folder structure containing the various resolutions, whereas iOS devices use the @2 and @3...
  9. S

    Radeon 460 or 455

    Hey All, So I BTO the 460, but received defective OTA, so I am going to return it tomorrow, since it is BTO, it will not be stocked, so now I have two choices: 1.Get the 455 in stock 2.Order again the 460 and wait for 2-3 weeks. I do light photoshop and light room, I mainly do web dev, app...
  10. V

    Need Direction for Web Page Design

    I am finally going to begin developing a website but I am completely new to web design and computer programming. My goals: to post articles on a weekly basis, to post audio and video of lectures, to post papers I have written in the past. Eventually, I would also like to allow for comments on...
  11. App Tyrant

    Raw Dog XML Viewer on the Mac App Store

    Here to tell the community about Raw Dog XML Viewer on the Mac App Store. Raw Dog XML Viewer is a Developer Tool that allows you to easily inspect an XML file. You can drill through an XML file quickly node by node, using the document outline in the sidebar. Features: –View XML files...
  12. S

    Rolling Question Thread

    Hi, I'm learning web development for fun and wanted to make a thread and ask some questions as I go along. I've already completed a lot of code academy's html and css training and I'm not new to programming in general. So to start with, I was wondering if anybody could explain or walk me...
  13. pwhitehead

    Team Treehouse e-Learning Courses

    I'm normally a person and haven't renewed my subscription in sometime. I have an elegant themes account that I use to build word press sites, but I'm not much of a coder and I barely use any custom css. I do use a child theme though and understand the basics of building a site...
  14. J

    Cloud IDE

    I've been looking into cloud IDEs like Codeanywhere and Cloud9, is anyone here using these? I like the idea of having a consistent dev environment across multiple computers and possibly being able to work from my iPad on the train.