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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Val-kyrie, Dec 6, 2016.

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    I am finally going to begin developing a website but I am completely new to web design and computer programming.

    My goals: to post articles on a weekly basis, to post audio and video of lectures, to post papers I have written in the past. Eventually, I would also like to allow for comments on my posts. I would prefer to focus on creating content than managing a web page, but I am a quick study.


    1) Software
    I have a copy of Rapid Weaver 5 and some themes which I picked up years ago in a bundle but I never found time to learn to use the program. Recently I purchased a copy of Rapid Weaver 7 which came in a different bundle, so I think I would like to start with that. I have also seen suggestions for Blocs and Sandvox. I am not sure if I want to use WordPress, but I might look there too. Since I am just beginning, I am uncertain of the pros and cons of various programs.

    2) Type of Web Page
    I would also appreciate help figuring out if I would be better designing a static or dynamic web page. I have read about their differences and it seems that dynamic web pages might be easier to update, but again I don't know. Is it possible to create a web site with both static and dynamic pages?

    3) Programming Languages
    From what I have read, it would be useful to learn HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. I have seen courses for learning these languages in bundles on StackSocial, but I have no idea if taking such courses would be helpful or which courses are most helpful (there are several "developer" bundles).

    4) Type of Web Site Design
    I have read cursorily on Responsive Web Design. What would I need to learn or what program would I use to ensure my web site is easily viewable on both desktop and mobile screens?

    I appreciate any assistance you are able to offer.
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    1) Since you're just starting out, I would suggest downloading a few IDEs/Text editors and see which one you like best. There's Sublime Text, TextWrangler, Textmate, Atom, Brackets, Code.

    2) I would put that question of until you are comfortable with creating static pages, which would require you to learn HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and Javascript. Once you feel comfortable with that, you can dive into PHP/Wordpress. But to answer your question, yes that it possible.

    3) There's tons of free courses out there. Codeacademy, codeschool, css-tricks and of course youtube and Mozilla Developer Network. I would go through those first before signing up for anything. Those bundles that you are referring to, are usually somewhat out of date, at least the ones I know of.

    4) All modern browsers have some type of responsive mode that also you to check your project in various screen sizes. but to be honest, it's always best to try that out on an actual device.

    Hope that answers some of your questions. :)
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    Pick just about any web hosting service and start with Wordpress.
    Usually, it is a one click, famous '5 minute' install to get you up and running.
    Once you have spent some time with Wordpress, you will know what you need and what you like / dislike. At least you will have a base to work from.

    No need for concerns here, Wordpress will take care of this for you.

    Wordpress is written in HTML5 / CSS / JS / PHP
    1. HTML = structure
    2. CSS = pretty
    3. JS = action
    4. PHP = persistence
    Research for Wordpress themes that are responsive / minimal / typography based to give the best experience to your readers. Maybe something like this:

    Responsive design uses media queries to accommodate the different screen sizes. It can be quite finicky for a new learner to master. I would recommend looking at the source code for some responsive themes to see how the pros do it. This will give a much greater understanding of what and why things are done.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you for a well written response.

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