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  1. G

    Macbook bottom case unknown issue

    For context all screws have been removed in my attempt to understand why my mac is wobbling on the right bottom corner, and I find that the top right part of the bottom case (as shown) protrudes outwards whereas all the other parts are fine. What does this mean? I have tried the bending tip...
  2. PinkyMacGodess

    Resolved iPad Pro 12" in an Otterbox Defender case - pushing button.

  3. PinkyMacGodess

    Immediately post Big Sur update, iMac Pro has no keyboard. Found out why. Weird.

    :cool: Weird...
  4. M

    MacBook Pro 16" clinking sound bottom case

    I just got my new 16 inch MacBook Pro and I am very satisfied overall but I recently experienced a weird sound (sounds like metal rattling) when I have my Laptop on my chest or when I gently touch the bottom. It seems to be a hardware issue and I am now thinking of returning the machine.. Is...
  5. keysofanxiety

    Any arborists pottering about?

    Mate at work found this weird silver fungus egg thing stuck on a tree and took a photograph... after sticking a dirty great fingernail into it for whatever stupid reason. Can't figure out what it is and a Google search comes back blank. Anybody have an idea what it is...
  6. macduke

    iOS 12.1 beta insanity

    My iPhone XS has installed the 12.1 beta with no profiles installed. What?!? I put the iOS 12 GM build on my iPhone X. It was the only version of iOS 12 I’ve put on it. After a while I think it started prompting me for 12.1. I wasn’t interested in that so I removed the beta profile and turned...
  7. R

    Guys, please help. I found a weird icon and can't get rid of it

    This icon appeared 2 days ago, I don't know how. And it locates on the top bar of my Macbook Pro desktop. When I either single or double clicked it, nothing happened and no related notations about it. The weird icon is attached below, I can't figure out what is it. Please help :(
  8. supergaia

    imac idle for a morning and what does it write on disk?

    hi i stated my imac and i left idle for a morning i haven't stat any program after i checked the smart and it wrote 3GB but i have no antivirus nothing that start with my imac , no update , nothing , i left idle my imac has 32GB of ram i'm a windows users but now i'm a mac user , and i don't...
  9. baran

    MacBook Pro 2016 Touchbar Weird Noise

    MacBook Pro 15" Touchbar model is making some weird noise when it is on case which has magnetic top. And booting screen is weird too. Do you have any idea about these problems? You can see the case at the end of the video. Video is Turkish, sorry about that.
  10. B

    Weird noise MacBook Air 13"

    Hello, does anyone know what this noise from MacBook Air 13" could be? - 0:03. It comes at the startup or after waking it up from sleep. Thanks for any help!
  11. mkrizan4

    Weird "smudge" on my new iPhone 7

    Hi there! So I've noticed a "smudge" on my 2 weeks old iPhone 7, undamaged, unscratched or anything like that. I've tried to clean it with micro fiber cloth but it just doesn't come off.. I haven't tried any liquid cleaning or anything similar.. I'm just wondering what the hell happened here...