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  1. A

    iPad Air Ipad Wifi

    Hi, Both my wife and I have an iPad. We have just had our broadband upgraded to full-fibre and I am able to get full speed on my iPad, but my wife can only get 50mbps. Have tried rebooting and turning wifi on/off with no result. Can anyone help? Regards Ant
  2. DominikHoffmann

    How to spot a impersonator WiFi hotspot

    As I was thinking about network security, what came to mind was the threat posed by someone impersonating a public WiFi hotspot with his own hardware and running a man-in-the-middle attack on my system. The way this would work is that my laptop would connect to the impostor hotspot, because it...
  3. K

    MP 1,1-5,1 2010 5,1 Mac Pro, Monterey, OpenCore Legacy Patcher, OSXWifi bluetooth wifi upgrade

    Currently running Monterey 12.3.1 on a 2010 5,1 Mac Pro desktop. Installed it using OpenCore Legacy Patcher v0.4.4 . I did the post-install root patching as the patcher showed I needed Networking - Legacy Wireless. Both the original Apple bluetooth and Wifi card are working flawlessly. My...
  4. W

    Internet speed problems on 2018 Macbook Pro 13

    This is a little convoluted, but I am at wits end here and would love some assistance. My wife has a 2019 Macbook Pro 13". She uses the machine to teach classes over Zoom in our living room and has been having intermittent internet speed issues over the past couple of months that result in...
  5. W

    AirDrop stopped working

    MY HARDWARE: Late-2013 iMac Core i5, running MacOS Mojave (recently clean-installed) FAMILY HARDWARE: 2013 MacBook Pro 13-inch Core i5, running MacOS Mojave (recently installed) Prior to updating the MacOS, these two machines would interact via AirDrop without issue. They are both set to be...
  6. S

    Why does Wifi cost so much power?

    Since the release of new MacBook Pros I have a question in mind: why does Wifi cost so much power? 14inch MacBook Pro, "Up to 17 hours Apple TV app movie playback, Up to 11 hours wireless web". 16inch MacBook Pro, "Up to 21 hours Apple TV app movie playback, Up to 14 hours wireless web"...
  7. Mic-M4c

    Resolved Full speed of the FRONT FAN after BCM94360CD (BT+WiFi) Module upgrade

    Hi all ! Today I've proceeded to the long awaited upgrade of the WiFi and BT in my Mac Pro5,1 (mid 2010) Monoprocessor 6-core @3,33GHz SDRAM 48GB@1333MHz Radeon RX 560 4Go > I've replaced the original WiFi by this one : BCM94360CD > I have fully disconnected (USB alim and antenna) the...
  8. B

    How to share wifi from iOS 15?

    While this is not strictly PPC problem but rather common to old OS, I guess I have higher chances to get a reply here. After iOS 15.3.1 update iPhone hotspot began to be detected on 10.6 and lower as 802.1x network, and Mac consequently asks for Username/Password, while in reality of course no...
  9. manyelski

    MB 14" Base 2021 wifi issues

    Hello I have MB 14"base model now for 2-3 weeks and it seems like it is dropping wifi for no obvious reason - the wifi seems connected, then pages take ages to load and in the end don't'. Sometimes connecting it to my iPhone works, some times just flicking wifi on and off helps, but sometimes I...
  10. E

    Preferred Wi-Fi Order Issue

    I'm frustrated with my MBP preferred Wi-Fi order issue where the priority that I preferred is not saved. Whenever I close the network advanced setting windows, the priority ordering messed up again. I tried to turn off all the keychains on all my Apple devices to rule out the possibility that...
  11. axioobodas

    Wifi problem when using hdmi dongle

    I bought a hdmi to c which supports 1 usb 3.0 and power delivery for the charger and then had the problem of wifi being slow when using it. Anyone have the same experience? please share your info, thankss
  12. B

    Wifi speed nerfed?

    Is anyone aware of a drop in Wifi speeds with recent versions of IO15 I consistently achieved >500Mbps over 5Ghz from my iPhone 11 up until recently. I'm not sure wether the change happened with iOS 15 release or an update 15.x My MBP in the same location, same speed test, same connect speed...
  13. I

    Replace Airport Extremes with what???

    I have been using 3 airport extremes connected via hardwire for a number of years and I am considering upgrading to something else. Our house is two stories and I currently have the three extremes (latest model) spread pretty evenly throughout the house. I have had to reboot them more often...
  14. Y

    Slow Wi-Fi on MacBook Pro 14" when Bluetooth is on

    I just received my 14" M1 Pro and I'm having an issue with Wi-Fi speeds when Bluetooth is on. With Bluetooth on, the new MacBook tops out around 40mbps sustained download speeds, while the Intel machine it's replacing and an iPhone 13 Pro easily reach above 300mbps (all on the same VHT80 5GHz...
  15. W

    Hardware Q: Upgrading wifi module in 2015 MBP 15in

    I'm sure I know the answer to this already but thought to ask minds more knowledgable... Can the wifi module in the 2015 MBP (A1398/11,5) be upgraded to an ax/Wifi 6 version? This isn't as unlikely as it might sound. It was possible to do this with earlier MBPs. But all I can find while...
  16. W

    Wifi card not detected? (Early 2008 MacBook Pro)

    I've recently taken my early 2008 MacBook Pro 15 part to make some component replacements and diagnose a few things. This included taking the fans out, the logic board out, and the screen out. After putting it all back together and booting it up, the system is not detecting the wifi card (the...
  17. anjanesh

    NAS Storage with WiFi

    I've been told that a 10TB NAS storage can connect to WiFi and my MacBook and other laptops can connect to it over WiFi seamlessly. I mean, if this setup can work properly then I won't need to go for a 2TB/8TB configured MacBook Pro in the future as I can connect it to all my laptops acting as...
  18. A

    M1 Mac Air remains connected to Wifi/Router

    Okay, so is this normal. As none of my other Macs have done this and can't find any help from the support people. For some reason, my new Mac Book Air with the M1 chip straight out of the box, not messed with settings, remain connected to Wifi - it even downloads podcasts and emails etc. I can...
  19. S

    Can I stop using 'broadcast SSID' and MAC addresses? Really?

    Looking at a doc on the Apple site it seems that I don't need to hide my SSID or use MAC addressing anymore. Is that correct/advisable? I'm about to set up a new router, but will need to use WPA2 security due to the age of my attached kit. Does Apple's advice still apply, or are they really...
  20. David1986H

    Im upgrading to WIFI 6

    Since 2011 iv been using Devolo Powerline adaptors which have worked flawlessly for me, first starting with wifi 4 then upgrading to wifi 5 in 2016 and now iv ordered the new Devolo wifi 6 adaptors. In the new year I'm having full fibre broadband fitted which will increase my speeds from 50 t0...