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  1. M

    internet recovery loop

    hi! i have a macbook pro from mid-2018, 15-inch. recently, i created a bootable drive using os ventura with my mac on os sequoia beta in an attempt to downgrade to ventura. after updating to ventura to sonoma, my mac started lagging, only when not plugged in charging. i don't think this was...
  2. robertherber

    Apple Watch network requests timing out on Wi-Fi

    For the last week or so I've noticed my Apple Watch (series 6) is not able to connect to the internet over my home Wi-Fi. It shows that it's connected to the Wi-Fi but all network requests time out after around one minute. Wi-Fi works as expected on all my other devices. However if I disconnect...
  3. halloleo

    How to debug Wifi handshake from iPhone to Macbook?

    In my iPhone I have a new German Telekom Prepaid SIM which gives me Internet on the phone. Additionally I can use the iPhone with this SIM to tether from my iPad to the iPhone. This works perfectly. However, when I tether from my MacBook to the Phone I don't get internet. I do not get the...
  4. zamboknee

    Wifi super slow on one computer.

    The wifi on my MBP 16 (M1Maxx, 14.4.1) is really slow. All other devices are fine. Wifi speeds are good but this one has gotten so slow that pages won't even load. No firewall. No backup service going. How do I troubleshoot this?
  5. Buadhai

    Canon imageCLASS LBP6030w

    My wife, an attorney, is in the market for a new, basic, wireless laser printer. The most reliable printer we've ever had is a Canon LBP6000 that we bought fifteen (?) years ago. It's still going strong. Aside from printer cartridges the only thing we've had to replace is the paper feed roller...
  6. M

    iPhone 15 Pro Max iPhone 15 Pro Max WiFi issue

    My iPhone consistently has trouble with WiFi in my bedroom: signal strength is at max, but it has very low throughput, to the point where to do anything I often have to turn off WiFi and use cellular instead. It's the only device that has this problem. If I walk out into the hall, it starts...
  7. djbuddha

    Weird Wifi Issue - M3 Max 16” MacBook Pro

    I’m completely stumped by this. At home I have a mesh network (ASUS AIMesh) - every other device connects correctly (Wifi 6) Here’s the weirdness. In January I grabbed a completely maxed out 16” MacBook Pro. It’s amazing, but the Wi-Fi isn’t performing right at all. My internet connection...
  8. D

    My Wifi isn’t Working After I Updated to the newest iOS 17.4 Software please help

    I unplugged the cord from the router and plugged it back in. I still get disconnected. I get disconnected then it works then it disconnects again. This is happening for my tablets and my moms iphone as well. What should I do? This never happened before after updating the software. I’m very worried.
  9. danallen

    Wifi Has Worked For Years - Now XXXX FIXED - Almost Always Easy to Fix

    wifi has been great since I got this computer in 2015, but today it is dead. no other problems with this computer that I know of. I am thinking there must be documentation somewhere the tells how to fix this. So far, everything I have found had not addressed the scenario I am seeing. My...
  10. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 BT 4.2 card don't work in Monterey contrary to BigSur

    After having finally succeeded in installing Monterey under OC's martin lo V0.9.7, and installing the new wifi/bluetooth card, everything works well under BigSur, the wifi displays the new standard (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) and the bluetooth standard 4.2. I applied the changes requested by martin lo...
  11. Alvin777

    Recommendation on a Good, Cheapest Continuous Ink All-in-One Printer

    Hi Apple friends, we're in a hurry to print a medical document (the printer's almost a goner and no more parts, especially the cartridge which is next to impossible and expensive to get- "thank you printer for the years of service"), what's the: ✅ cheapest but good ✅ continuous ink ✅ all-in-one...
  12. Z

    from WiFi to Ethernet

    Im trying to connect a UB-C hub i have to an Ethernet cable to provide me Internet. So far i was on WiFi, what settings must i apply now?
  13. carlcaulkett

    No WiFi on iPadOS 17.3

    I've recently updated my iPad Air (5th gen) to iPadOS 17.3, and I noticed just now that I can no longer access the iPad as an extended display. This in turn led me to investigate the Settings on the iPad and it seems that although WiFi is apparently switched on, WiFi does not seem to be working...
  14. ItsAShaunParty

    Venturs is pretty cool

    Hi Everyone! Just updated from Monterey to Ventur 13.6. 27" 2020 iMac. Ventura is cool.
  15. B

    iOS 17.2 - WiFi Bugs Introduced on iPhone 13 Pro

    First time with the iOS 17 WiFi bugs on iPhone 13 Pro after updating to iOS 17.2, which was supposed to fix WiFi bugs. Constantly have to turn WiFi off and use cellular for internet. It's not sustainable. Deleting networks, resetting all networks does not address or fix. Often works fine for...
  16. evanboonie

    AirPort Extreme with Stock Antenna in Late Model Power Mac G5

    I installed an AirPort Extreme card in my Late 2005 (Dual Core) PowerMac G5 and managed to retain the original antenna. The AirPort Extreme cards are much easier to find and are typically far less expensive than the stock Bluetooth/WiFi combo cards that shipped as an option in these machines. If...
  17. M

    iPhone 11 iPhones with Intel cellular modems, your experiences?

    We're looking at getting a family member an inexpensive iPhone (still running iOS 16 or newer). From my own experience with an iPhone SE 2020 (dropped calls, WiFi constantly disconnecting), I question if Intel cellular modems aren't as robust as Qualcomms, as far as sensitivity, range, etc...
  18. H

    Fixing wifi "no hardware installed" issue goes wrong... SMC related problem.

    So, I have 2 MacBooks Air's. The first one is 6,1 version, the second one is 6,2 version. Problematic is 6,2. This guy haves 128gb ssd from Samsung which is very bad and it is not recognises any other system you want install on this machine (for example if you want install Windows on this SSD it...
  19. T

    Wifi Management Issue - Multiple Network over a Wifi

    Hello Every One, just upgrade from monterey to ventura. On my network with various devices, I have some on static IP different from what being advertised by the DHCP server on the network. Usually in Mac OS X and MacOS prior to Ventura I was able to create different WiFi Service on the same WiFi...
  20. danallen

    MP 1,1-5,1 How Can I See the Password for WiFi Connection?

    my MacPro 5,1 is connected to WiFi signal sent out by internet box that is provided in my apartment. I need to connect a new phone I got to the same wifi. The phone demands I enter the password for the wifi. I have no idea what what the password is. Is there a way I can display the password...