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  1. SpikeHK

    Can I Copy Movies From My PC to Apple TV Hard Disk?

    I guess kind of a newbie question, thanks in advance for your patience. I'm contemplating buying the new Apple TV 4k when it comes out in May. (Possibly pair it with my HomePods for audio output, maybe pick up the AirPods Max as well.) Currently I have a Windows PC and I use Plex for viewing...
  2. shankar2

    My WIFI doesn't work after I turn on my Big Sur Mac from sleep.. how to fix?

    Hi so on Big Sur mac (latest update) whenever I open my mac from sleep, the WIFI connects but doesn't work! The only fix for me is to turn off/turn on the WIFI. Does anyone have a permanent fix for this and is this a well known bug? Thanks!
  3. M

    iPhone 12 mini WiFi is slower on an iPhone than an Android, Why?

    I'm posting this question here with my Mac officianados instead of out in the computer wilderness to save the usual razzing from the other guys picking on the iPhone. That being said I was working with a neighbor friend who is a Purple Heart vet from Vietnam fixing his home Wifi. Once we got...
  4. T

    System not respecting WiFi Preferred Networks

    I'm using MacOS 10.13.6 on a mid-2014 MacBook Pro. I'm having two issues with my WiFi Preferred Networks list: 1) The system is not respecting my preferred networks: I have only one home network, but my laptop is easily able to detect my neighbors' networks as well. Several months ago I put...
  5. Tyrian Cedar

    Way to set WiFi network priority based on strength not preference

    I have a 2-story house with one router in the ground floor and another upstairs; my Mac can see both networks on both floors. Problem is: it will always opt to connect to the one I’ve manually ordered higher-up in the Advanced section of Network Preferences … even if I’m on the floor in which it...
  6. Buadhai

    Help Me Understand Wireless Diagnostics

    Note that I live in Thailand. The devices involved here include a 2010 MBA, a 2010 MacBook (White), a 2017 MBA, a Raspberry Pi 4, an old AirPort Extreme (the flat one), an Apple TV 4, several iPhones and iPads, a "smart" Samsung TV and a single HomeKit enabled plug. I have a condo which I...
  7. jent

    Are most modern wireless routers Time Machine compatible via wifi?

    I'm going to be replacing a dying Time Capsule and I have to admit that I haven't kept up to date with wireless routers. My parents have Comcast Xfinity for their ISP and I set the cable modem / wireless router device into bridge mode in order to use a Time Capsule as the router. Can I buy...
  8. K

    Wifi access point (AP) reboots when Macbook Pro 16 (Catalina) connects to it

    This is really weird but I have tested this many times before posting. I went from a Dell latitude to a MacBook Pro 16 (Catalina). The reason I mention this as it doesn’t happen with windows laptop or my iOS devices. My main router is a ISP provided one and I use my NETGEAR R7800 as my...
  9. nkl984

    macos Big Sur 11.2 20D64 - Running Slow in Safe Mode on iMac Pro

    Hi! I'm running macos Big Sur 11.2 20D64 and almost everytime I boot the computer my wifi is not working, I need to disconnect and reconnect the machine to work. Today I tried to boot in Safe Mode and the computer is working very very slow and laggy into Safe Mode. Any advice pls? Thank you
  10. D

    M1 MacBook Pro - Slow WiFi issues?

    Hey all, I've seen mention of people having issue with slow WiFi, but haven't experienced it myself until now. The Mac itself doesn't appear sluggish, opening/closing apps and general navigating is rapid, but the internet will be super sluggish - really glitchy on video/audio calls on all...
  11. F23

    iPad Air iPad Air 4 max WiFi speed? Intel modem issue

    What’s the max WiFi speed you have gotten with any of the new iPads? they have the Intel modem which is notorious for being trash. I have 450 mbps internet, my Mac mini, iPhone 12 Pro, Apple TV 4th gen all achieve this max speed. My iPad Air 4 can only reach 270 mbps max. My previous iPhone XS...
  12. P

    iPad Pro iPad Pro (2020) kills Wi-Fi

    We bought an iPad Pro 2020 (11") a few months back. At first, it constantly killed off our Wi-fi and we had to restart our router (TP Link TD-W9980). I turned off all the automatic uploads to iCloud and background app refresh. It was stable for some time, but now if I watch youtube on it for too...
  13. L

    iPad Pro Frequent WiFi Disconnect Issues... Anyone Else?

    All my newer Apple devices seem to have random WiFi disconnect issues. Just wondering if anyone else out there has also experienced this? 1) Saw this on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Replaced it, same thing. Sold it, went back to using my XS Max, no issues. 2) I bought a 2020 12.9" iPad Pro and it...
  14. ThatsMrsGeek2U

    Allow iPhone wifi access for HomeKit, but block it from internet data use?

    I have limits on my home’s internet data use, but not for the most part on my cellular plan. So I need our phones to use their cellular at all possible times and not my homes wifi internet. But I also have to keep wifi on, because I have tons of HomeKit and other devices that I need to stay...
  15. D

    iPhone 12 not automatically switching to cellular data when WIFI is no longer available

    I have an iPhone 12 Pro currently running iOS 14.3. I have noticed that since having the new iPhone, it frequently has a problem automatically switching from WIFI to cellular data when I leave my home or other location where I have been using WIFI. When I try to use the internet (e.g. a Google...
  16. R

    wifi hell but only without Airport Extreme

    Our house is 99% Macs/iOS devices (1 ps4 and roku as well) so i thought i'd ask you kind folks on this forum if any of this makes any sense as i'm no networking expert but have tried everything i can from searching the internet. I had a Netgear router for the past year to replace my beloved but...
  17. blakespot

    Home Built a $35 RPi-based AirPlay receiver (replacing a dead Airport Express) - Works great!

    I thought some might find interest in this recent project of mine. I have two of Apple's long-discontinued Airport Express (v1) devices that I've used over the years to stream music from my Mac or iOS devices to two different bookshelf systems in the house via WiFi and the AE's analog audio out...
  18. P

    14.1 and 14.2 randomly disconnecting from wifi

    I had 14.1 on an XR and switched to a 12 with 14.2. Found the same random auto disconnect on this brand new iphone 12. This is a really irritating problem and only "fixed" by shutting down and rebooting. Anyone else with a similar issue?
  19. J

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7 using a lot of Wi-Fi data

    From 27th October, my iPhone started using a lot of Wi-Fi Bandwidth and I cant use the Wi-Fi for any other purposes. Things I checked: Checked for WhatsApp chat backup, No. Checked for Translate offline languages, No. Checked for iCloud Backup, No. iOS update, No the auto update is off...
  20. D

    MBP WiFi slow after changing DNS on router

    Hey everyone, I have noticed this weird issue when trying to change DNS settings on my router (AirPort Extreme). As soon as I change the DNS settings on my router, WiFi speed on my MBP drops significantly (download drops from 300Mbps to like 15Mbps). All other devices work just fine though...