1. adnan.salah84

    WiFi Network Adapter is missing under Windows 10

    Hi folks, I am using IMAC. I just installed windows 10 on external drive with bootcamp and setup windows support from usb flash. Everything goes well but I cannot see my WiFi network adapter under windows 10 and WiFi setting is missing too. May be it looks like windows does not recognise...
  2. Selena Golling

    HomeKit HomeKit without internet

    I am considering adding some HomeKit accessories to my sailboat. I currently have a HomePad on it which I can use offshore with AirPlay, but I’m wondering if I can use wifi enabled smart stuff without any internet connection. Can I set up a local network that isn’t connected to the internet, but...
  3. Michael Whytock

    WiFi issues, at my wits end, tried everything.

    Hello all, As someone who has Reasonable IT knowledge I am kinda here as a last resort as my WiFi doesn’t work and I cannot have tried everything. I have a MacBook Air with macOS Sierra 10.12.6. I have a Virgin Media WiFi hub witch I connect to. The issue is that the WiFi rarely connects. It...
  4. S

    Can’t enable WiFi calling.

    Been working with Verizon but still can’t find a way to enable WiFi calling. Every time I try to turn it on on my iPhone I get the message “to allow WiFi calling on this account, contact Verizon”. Verizon assures me it is enabled and activated on their end. Anyone had this problem?
  5. S

    iPhone X Receive SMS when only on WiFi?

    Is there any way to receive SMS text messages (not iMessages) on my iPhone when on WiFi only? I’m currently in an area where I need to stay in airplane mode with cellular data turned off. WiFi works just fine and I can receive iMessages fine but cannot receive others SMS text messages. Is there...
  6. M

    MacBook Pro (early 2015) water damage led to WiFi issue, “no hardware installed”

    I spilled a bit of water on the upper right side of my laptop (pro, 13in Retina early 2015) and now I cannot access WiFi. The icon reads “no hardware installed.” Bluetooth still works, and several hardware tests show no issue. I’ve opened the case to clean, the only water damage indicators that...
  7. P

    iPhone iOS 13.4/13.4.1/13.4.5beta2 no wifi/bluetooth after upgrade

    Hi. I upgraded from 13.3.1 to 13.4 when it came out, I lost celular, wifi and bluetooth. I went back to 13.3.1. Now 13.4.1 came out, and I tried to upgrade again: I have celular this time, but still no wifi/bluetooth. I cannot go back to 13.3.1 now, as it's not signed anymore. I tried to upgrade...
  8. jashsayani

    AirPort Express A1392 (Software: 7.8.1) keeps disconnecting

    I have a 2nd gen AirPort Express running 7.8.1 firmware (latest version) and keeps either disconnecting WiFi periodically or staying connected but with no internet connection even when Comcast router is working and connected to the internet. I did a Factory Reset yesterday but that did not...
  9. J

    iPhone Wifi Issues

    This is going to sound weird - I have an XS Max and have had wifi issues since day one. 50% of the time, my phone lags on wifi. Gets much slower than LTE, despite having a fast 300mbps internet. The weird thing is - If I pull down the Control Center, it immediately speeds up. I can literally...
  10. PinkyMacGodess

    ATV4k saturates my gigabit network. Seems to work better on wifi.

    This has been rather nuts. If the ATV4k is on and streaming, the entire network is practically unusable. Nothing can get out, although I can still get email announcements but can't check them. After doing some research, people said to switch it to wifi, and it works better. Well, I did, and it...
  11. D

    Which mesh/extender wifi router?

    I need help on deciding which wifi system to go with. Right now I am looking at the Netgear Orbi and Ubiquiti Amplifi HD. Wifi in my small house is fine. My goal is to have reliable wifi in my shop and to operate at least one wireless security camera (like the Arlo 2). My shop is...
  12. I

    Brand new 16" MacBook Pro won't connect to WiFi. Has a self-addressed IP address.

    Brand new 16" MacBook Pro won't connect to WiFi. Has a self-addressed IP address. Only one potential fix to change the MAC address but only works temporarily. Any help is much appreciated. - Details I just received a 16" MBP today, and set it up from Migration Assistant as I've done with many...
  13. arkmannj

    planning home network

    Hello, I’m getting ready to rotate out my old Airport Extreme & Time Capsule. I’m thinking of going with ubiquity products * Security Gateway router * pro or HD access point * maybe a switch, but This might be overkill for now. * controller gen 2 teo features I’d like are: * The ability to...
  14. J

    2019 MacBook Pro 16" - slower Wi-Fi speed compared to 2015 MBP?

    Summary: 2015 MacBook Pro 15 download speed: 76.2 MiB/s (megabytes per second) 2019 MacBook Pro 16 download speed: 48.4 MiB/s (megabytes per second) Remote = remote server on gigabit ethernet Create an test file locally (and then place on the remote server) $ dd if=/dev/zero of=bigfile bs=1M...
  15. imrazor

    MP 1,1-5,1 Wifi won't reconnect after waking

    I have a MacPro5,1 that I've had some luck refurbishing. I've successfully flashed a PC ATI HD 7950 card, and got that working fairly well in the machine (DVI only, crud.) But I'm having ongoing issues with the wifi not reconnecting after a reboot or waking from sleep. I believe it is the...
  16. pedzsan

    All Devices Sync via WiFi

    I can't find where / how to sync via WiFi. By "sync", perhaps what I really mean is "backup" as in "Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac". In iOS 12 and before, I could go to Settings => General and sync (which I took to mean the same thing as "backup" since there is only one...
  17. F

    iPhone X Wifi disconnects while on sleep mode

    Since I updated to iOS 13, my iPhone has begun to disconnect to the wifi when it's locked. When I tap the screen to wake, I see my wifi symbol for like half a second, then it shows 4G, and then after a second or 2, it is once again connected to wifi. The issue is that this eliminates me using...
  18. Y

    Resolved Macbook Air 2015 Wifi Problem

    My macbook air 2015 with YOSEMITE everything works normally. But if i update to EL CAPITAN or ABOVE it will have wifi problem, like can't join to the network even i entered correct password. Sometimes it can join to my wifi network randomly but the speed is very slow and its will make...
  19. C

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro WiFi Improvements Over 6s?

    My apologies in advance for this totally clueless question. Can I expect or is it likely that a new 11 Pro will get better reception on the same WiFi network compared to my current iPhone 6s? I'm curious if my new iPhone 11 Pro might be able to stay connected to a wifi network in certain spots...
  20. clcnyc

    New router?

    I'm getting my new iPhone 11 Pro Friday, and wondering if I should finally replace old reliable Airport Extreme router with a new one that supports WiFi 6, since iPhone 11 Pro does. Thoughts?