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windows 10 installation

  1. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 My experience of install Windows 10 on 3,1

    Some weird things I find, cannot explain, but this is what I see: 1. Windows installer cannot boot from USB. In theory it should, we can boot the macOS installer from USB no problem, but not Windows Installer. SATA port can boot no problem. If you do not have a windows desktop, what you can do...
  2. I

    Installing windows on a EVP970 Plus partition, how?

    Dear all, did put it in the wrong forum area, so did move it here. After a hardware upgrade of my Late 2014 27" 5K iMac with a EVO970 Plus blad and a Crucial MX500, I divided the EVO in 3 partitions, Piggyopolus, Betatripoli and PaneInTheButt. The Crucial is one single partition for User data...
  3. A

    Bootcamp wont install windows 10

    Hi, I have a trouble with installation windows 10 via bootcamp at my iMac late 2013. I downloaded win 10 iso file and created bootable usb. Everything was fine, but when I hit finish in bootcamp the iMac restart in to mac os and no to the windows 10 installer. When I am holding option key at the...
  4. O

    Windows 10 Mac Pro 2010 no bootcamp

    Hi guys, Want to share my experience installing W10 in my cMP 2010 5,1 without bootcamp. TL;DR: - use W10 1607 ISO. - do not use USB as there is bootROM corruption issue - W10 is installed into different storage than the MacOS - use excellent guide by h9826790 (I skip the BootCamp 5...
  5. kitharass

    Installing Windows 10 - Boot Assistant Help Please?

    i need to install windows 10 64 bit on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6. 1. I have downloaded iso image from microsoft. 2. when i go for Boot Assistant, it's not giving me option to install windows 10 on which drive. also giving me this message 3. when i select "Create a windows 7 or later version...
  6. J

    BOOTCAMP system _ thread _ exception _ not _ handled (igdkmd64.sys) error

    My System: 2012 MacBook Pro • 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 • Intel HD Graphics 4000, and • NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 512MB of GDDR5 memory (automatic graphics switching) • 1Tb HDD • 8gb ram After the first portion of the install (where it switches from the shell-like GUI to the more...