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windows 10

  1. L

    iM 4,1-14,4 Cant get Windows fully working iMac 10,1

    Hello everyone! I have an iMac 10,1 (Late 2009, 21.5 Inch, Core 2 Duo E7600, ATI Radeon HD 4670) and I can't get Windows fully working on it. I've already tried a plethora of methods for install for which none of them works completely. The main issue at hand is that after following the...
  2. A

    MP 1,1-5,1 Removing Windows entry in bootpicker

    Hi everyone, After a botched Windows installation (I did not document myself properly before starting) I am left with an Windows entry in my bootpicker. I have tried mounting the EFI partition and deleting it, but there is no Microsoft entry in the EFI partition. Any idea how I can get rid...
  3. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP5,1 running windows with rx5500xt and hd 5870 not working

    Hello i am running a 5,1 MP with windows, as i use it also for gaming i bought a 5500xt. I also have the stock 5870 as a secondary display and have the boot switcher, but i dont know why the amd pro software and MSi Afterburner wont recognice it, so it just ramps the fan to max all the time as...
  4. John Fu

    Windows PC

    Hi All, I believe all of you may have multiple Macs, but how many of you still have Windows PCs? If so, could you share what you do to use Windows PCs? I switched to Mac after the Intel Mac release, I was using a lot of Windows apps, but as soon as I switched, I did not go back to Windows...
  5. bogdanw

    Microsoft will offer paid updates for Windows 10

    It seems that Microsoft is planning to offer paid updates for Windows 10 after the end of support. "As noted on the Windows 10 release information page, version 22H2 is the final version of Windows 10. All editions of Windows 10, version 22H2 will remain in support with monthly security updates...
  6. L

    iTunes iPhone backup on Windows 10 creating Snapshot folder

    I am running IOS 17.0.1 on iPhone 14 pro max 1TB. Been backing up to iTunes for the last 10 years or so with no issues. Running windows 10. Using windows store iTunes. Current back up size is around 500Gb which is about 2 weeks old. Need to back up again now which should only be 5 GB of new date...
  7. R

    Installing Windows 10 in MacBook Pro 2015 A1398

    Hi, I am having a Mac book Pro 2015 Edition - Model No A1398. I am planning to upgrade to New NVme (Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB) using sintech adapter. I don't want Mac OS, I will be keeping the old nvme stock ssd which came with the macbook intact for future use or will be cloning to a new nvme...
  8. O

    Forum for Boot camp

    Hi, What is the appropriate forum to post a question about Boot camp? Thanks
  9. U

    MP 7,1 How can I install a secondary video card for Mac Pro?

    I recently bought an AMD RX 6800 video card. I managed to install it in the fourth PCI slot of my Mac Pro. I did not remove the MPX video card, it is still connected to the Apple XDR display via Thunderbolt cable. In Windows bootcamp I get a black screen. How can I use the RX6800 for windows and...
  10. E

    MP 1,1-5,1 Windows 10 install on 5,1 Mac Pro

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit stuck trying to get windows 10 to install on my 2009 5,1 Mac Pro. I've installed Mojave that's native but its not saying "BootCamp is not supported" I've got 4TB worth of drives in and read somewhere it has to be under two, which can easily be sorted but haven't tried that...
  11. M

    MacBook Pro 2014 no audio on windows

    So i have a 2014 macbook pro and recently i installed windows, everyting works fine except the audio. Somehow digital audio is allways on bypasing the integrated audio, i tried to deactivate digital audio only from controll panel but as digital and normal audio is on the same controller it just...
  12. C

    MP 1,1-5,1 Successfully running VirtualBox 7.0 on CMP 5,1 with Linux

    In an earlier post I noted I ran VirtualBox 6 on a CMP 5,1 running Monterey - installed using OCLP. See . The Windows 10 VM is installed on its own SSD. Now several posts on this forum said VirtualBox 7 did not run on the CMP 5,1 (running MacOS?) because the "system" did not support the...
  13. Alvin777

    If There are DNS Servers for both iPV4 & iPV6 Which Does Windows Use?

    Hello Mac friends (and Windows for gaming and diagnostics friends). I'd like to only use iPV6 DNS servers (manually entered using Cloudfare's DNS servers) if that's a good idea but if there DNS values for iPV4 as well does Windows 10 automatically switch between iPV4 and iPV6? If yes, should I...
  14. Levina

    Installed Windows 10 on cMP and am puzzled by file transfer

    I bought a new camera and my old Mac Pro 4,1>5,1 can't access the raw files. I had a few options but decided that the simplest solution was to install Windows on a separate SATA SSD. I did that this afternoon, installed apps that I needed Windows for and it works well. I never worked with...
  15. Alvin777

    Free Windows Boot Camp Cloner?

    Hello, I just received my 1TB Crucial SSD. I'd like to clone my Boot Camp Windows 10/11, is there a free Boot Camp Windows cloner for macOS? If there's no free cloner, what's the most affordable way to clone the Windows 10/11 Boot Camp to save time from reinstalling and downloading very large...
  16. H

    MP 1,1-5,1 Windows 10 install on Mac Pro 5.1 Mojave problems

    Hi apologies if i sound like a broken record . I have a Mac Pro 5.1 running Mojave in one drive bay (on an SSD) and Windows 10 on another HDD instead of running on a partitioned drive . I originally did this before updating to Mojave using bootcamp which is no longer supported . I first of all...
  17. S

    Trackpad Issues boot camp windows

    If I do something like play games my trackpad lags, I have seen many posts about this, the solutions don't work for me. (Macbook air bootcamp windows 10)
  18. L

    MP 1,1-5,1 Boot Camp Manager won't open

    Hello guys! I'm running a 5.1 Mac Pro, dual xeon 5690, with rx580. Open Core version: 0.8.7 from Martin Lo package I followed the windows 10 tutorial installation from...
  19. P

    WIN Bootcamp: BSOD due Wifi Driver.

    Hello, Is there any way to install an old/alternative driver for the Wi-Fi card? My Windows keeps crashing because of the driver for the network card. The minidump files indicate bcmpciedhd63.sys as the cause of the BSOD, which is related to the Broadcom Wi-Fi driver. I have already tried...
  20. William4673

    Windows Registry Editor : Disable BootCamp Apple Software Updates

    Hi all, very niche question. Sometimes apple releases software and driver updates for things such as WIFI, Bluetooth, and most recently trackpad precision for T2 chip models. My limited knowledge of the registry editor leads me to believe that these pop ups/updates/ install requests can be...