windows 10

  1. D

    Windows 10 Bootcamp cant eject usb Drive

    Does anyone have any solution or stop it from redoing steps? This was working months ago, now it doesn't work for me. Never did had the option right click drive to "eject", only see "format". Like I can get it to eject work, but having to redo any type of solution results in the same stucked...
  2. robertcoogan

    Boot Camp is casing kernel_task to overclock CPU

    I have a late-2016 MBP (w/ Touch Bar/Retina). Since the last update (to 10.15.5) every time I boot back into macOS from being in Windows 10, kernel_task starts overclocking the CPU. It will run up to near 500%. Regardless of what time of day it is, if I boot into Windows, then back into macOS...
  3. Ali Kaghazgaran

    Windows not starting up after resizing with Paragon Hard Disk Manager

    Hey everyone, so i wanted to shrink my boot camp drive, & I didn’t want to remove it & install it again (since winclone didn’t work for me), so i used paragon hard disk manager. I resized & it was ok. Then i boot up on windows to check if it was ok, but it didn’t startup & i got the blue screen...
  4. shamelin73

    SSD to go between Windows and Mac

    I have searched and there are so many utilities that sound like it would work but the site that I have seen them on seems suspect. I would like to ask you here. I have a Sandisk 1TB SSD and would like to encrypt it but be able to go from work to home and be able to open on Windows and Mac. I do...
  5. bogdanw

    Windows 10 version 2004 (May 2020 update)

    Has anyone updated to Windows 10 version 2004 on a MacBook Air 2019 (MacBookAir8,2)? Are there any issues, besides the official ones?
  6. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 5,1 question

    Hi guys, Quick question, I am a student that wants to buy a 5,1 Mac Pro and I noticed that the 2010's have the 5,1 identifier and so do the 2012 models. Looking at the market I can see that the 2010 dual CPU models(which is what I am looking for) are cheaper than the 2012 dual CPU models, is...
  7. adnan.salah84

    WiFi Network Adapter is missing under Windows 10

    Hi folks, I am using IMAC. I just installed windows 10 on external drive with bootcamp and setup windows support from usb flash. Everything goes well but I cannot see my WiFi network adapter under windows 10 and WiFi setting is missing too. May be it looks like windows does not recognise...
  8. R

    MP 1,1-5,1 No boot logo/menu with Mac pro 2006 (macpro1,1) boots directly to windows

    Hi everyone, I am new to using older Apple products. Few days ago I bought a used Mac pro 1.1 It works fine with Windows 10 already installed by the previous owner. But I want to install MacOS, but there is no boot screen/chime, it boots directly into Windows. I can hold the option key how...
  9. J

    Installing Windows 10 (1909) on a Mac Pro 5,1 alongside Mojave?

    Hello! I am wondering what the best method is to get the most recent Windows 10 version (1909) working effectively with my Mac Pro 4,1 -> 5,1? I've been following the tutorial on how to install boot camp without a boot screen by @h9826790...
  10. R

    iMac 2019 as External Display for PC (Laptop)?

    I've searched everywhere in the internets and tried everything I could find, but it does not appear that this is possible. Hoping smarter people than me have figured this out. Here's my scenario - like everyone else, I'm spending a lot more time working at home. I recently upgraded to the iMac...
  11. Rageworks

    Booting Windows 10 from an external SSD

    Hello, I recently purchased an external SSD so I can install Boot Camp on it and play my Windows games. I can't install Boot Camp on my Macbook because there is not enough space. I've seen some guides on how to do this and thought it should be a smooth sail, oh boy was I wrong... I followed...
  12. I

    MP 1,1-5,1 Minimum Windows Support Software without BootCamp

    I recently installed WIN10 CSM Legacy on its own SATA SSD. I'm using OC and rEFInd chainloading to boot, and I haven't bothered to install any BootCamp drivers so far. I wanna know: What are the minimum drivers I need, or Windows Support Software I should be installing to make WIN10 work...
  13. t8er8

    Linux KVM of Windows 10 on Mac? or Mac KVM of Windows 10

    I've been using Bootcamp on my Mac Pro 5,1 running Windows 10, I'm really starting to hate using it for various reasons. I need Windows 10 for certain school related programs and for the occasional gaming. I wanted to look into my options of running VM's of Windows with high speeds, without...
  14. Bertrude

    Moving custom iTunes EQs to PC

    Hi all. I've managed to move my iTunes library over to new windows 10 PC but can't figure out how to bring my custom equaliser settings over. Anyone have any ideas how to do so and where they reside in Windows 10 (iTunes installed from the Microsoft Store)? EDIT Found the location on the PC...
  15. BlueFish44

    Update mid 2010 15 inch macbook pro to windows 10

    Hi I currently have windows 7 installed but it won't let me upgrade from there so I would like to create a third partition with windows 10. I know windows 10 isn't actually supported by apple but that it would run without problem anyway. I searched a bit online but I haven't found anything made...
  16. D

    Boot Windows 10 on external ssd for a new MacBook Pro

    I installed windows 10 on an external ssd using bootcamp assistant around 2 or 3 years ago and I still use it on my 2015 13 inch MacBook Pro whenever I need to use windows. I am currently thinking and waiting to get the new MacBook Pro 13 inch refresh next month. Can I use the same external...
  17. D

    NTFS High Sierra usb issues + Win10 bootcamp

    Hello everyone that can help out. Since last year I upgraded to High Sierra, didn't feel like upgrading since I can no longer update any further. okay now in 2020, in isolation have very little money, a good amount of groceries. Deleted old hard drive converted to exfat (from mac) send it into...
  18. T

    Mac Pro 2009 Windows 10 clone

    I have a 2009 Mac Pro with a 640GB HDD running Windows 10. I don't have a HDD with OS X, so I only run Windows on this machine. I bought a 240GB SSD to replace the old HDD. I cloned the HDD to the SSD using Todo EaseUs software. When I try to boot up from the SSD it will show the Windows logo...
  19. K

    MSI Radeon RX 480 (8GB) / Bootcamp (Windows 10) Error 12

    Anyone know how to get this thing recognized by Windows? I'm running a 2018 Mac mini. The mini is hooked to the eGPU via thunderbolt 3.
  20. VaZ

    VMware Fusion 11.5 Win 10 Pro HIGH GPU SPIKES !

    Mac specs are in my signature. So when trying to play an old game from 2003 on Origin in windows my osx gpu history is showing the graph as maxed out ! I don't even get near max doing daily regular things in osx. The settings for vmware are 1gb out of 3gb shared graphics memory with 3d on, 4...