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wireless hard drive

  1. N

    Which Wireless HDD?

    Hi, I am looking for suggestions for the best portable wireless HDD to enable me to stream movies to my macbook or ipad whilst travelling in my Motor Home. It needs to be compact and enable either wifi or bluetooth streaming to apple devices. Can anyone recommend? Thanks
  2. Nuc

    Apple TV 4 - Wireless Hard Drive and Car Entertainment System

    I've been trying to research this topic but without much luck. I have a 2015 Honda Odyssey RES which I connect my Apple TV 4 to. I want to be able to carry a wireless HD or something along those lines that I can play videos straight to my ATV with. I've tried using Onevideo which copies the...
  3. fgduthie

    Connecting to a wireless hard drive

    Hi, Weird question, I have a WD 6TB MyCloud drive that works using the MyCloud app to connect, but on the Finder under the Devices/Shared section I do not get a connection to the drive this way. I don't know if this is because of El Capitan or not, but it did work for a time with the Yosemite...
  4. IDMah

    Resolved Corsair voyager air 2 plus and router

    Hi all.. So I bought a corsair voyager air 2 plus. With the thought I would use it in the coffee shop or at home as a second drive. It was on sale a couple for a few bucks more than a standard drive. BUT !!! I really wanted to turn it on in the coffee shop leave it in my bag and surf the...