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  1. S

    Apple Pages: Adjust line spacing for one line?

    Hello, I inserted a "♭" symbol in a line and it thereby increased the line spacing of that line. It's much larger than the other lines now. When I go into the Format -> Spacing menu and reduce the Spacing, all lines get decreased. It seems like it is not necessarily the line spacing that...
  2. B

    Looking for an app (or Word feature) to create fill in forms

    Hi everyone, I’ve been tasked at work to create a word template or look for an app that allows users to fill in information on the form and auto populate. I’m hoping that makes sense. I do know that Word has some auto populate features and other form functions, but I’m specifically looking for...
  3. P

    Resolved Microsoft Word - problems with PDFs

    I have been dealing with a substantial Word document. Over 400 pages, hundreds of tables about 300 modest sized images. Using up-to-date Office 365. I can do everything within Word that I need. Extensive use of styles has helped a lot. Trouble is, I don't want to hand out a Word .docx file - I...
  4. R

    Using a PC keyboard with a Mac

    I much prefer a PC keyboard with a Mac and, in System Preferences, I have remapped it so that, when I press the Control key, it acts as the Mac Command key. When I use a Word document, I can now press Control F to find a word and Control P to print. But when I press Control S the Word document...
  5. BlueberryMac

    Word 2021 v16.59 won't print anymore after installing latest Monterey update (March 2022)—any ideas how to fix it?

    Since installing the latest Monterey update a week or so ago, my Word app will no longer bring up the PRINT dialog when I press COMMAND-P or select Print... from Word’s File menu. Any ideas how I might fix this? Not being able to print makes Word pretty useless to me.
  6. B

    The heaviest benchmark that no MacBook can handle - Word, someone with a MBP 16" that could help?

    Hi! I am trying to guide some colleagues in choosing their next laptop and a lot of them want to use Macs this time. I off love this development but we have problems choosing between a MB Air and MBP 16" for some. This is the problem; they are using Word a lot for working with, for example...
  7. I

    Paste a table from Onenote to Word without losing format

    Hi everyone. I really need help....
  8. Z

    a hyperlink on an .ai file

    Is is possible to place a hyperlink (, on the text "Sales" ?
  9. M

    Word for Mac changing spancing, header and text line

    Hello. Does anyone know how to make default settings in MS Word for Mac? I did it for the text so I belive there is also an option to make other things default. I made a screenshot on which part I would like to go default. Thanks.
  10. S

    MS Word says I'm in Germany

    I have no idea how to fix this. My document opened in Microsoft Word and in the bottom status bar was 'German (Germany)'. I tried doing a spell check but was presented only German correction options. I selected English (US) but then when I returned to spell check the doc it went back to German...
  11. jent

    Help converting Word newsletter to Pages

    I have a Word document that I duplicate and edit for a newsletter. The end result is a PDF, so it doesn't matter to the end readers, but I'd prefer to use Pages for editing new editions, however in opening the Word document, a few things end up being different. For example, in the Word...
  12. R

    All iPads Where can I find Word docs and PDFs downloaded on my iPad from Whatsapp?

    In the coronavirus lock-down times, I'm getting quite a lot of PDFs and Word documents sent to me as attachments to Whatsapp messages. When I click on them - using my iPad - I'm told they are downloaded but I can't find them anywhere? I've got the Word and Adobe Acrobat apps for iPad but that...
  13. M

    iPad How is Microsoft Office on the base iPad? Is it any different from the desktop version (Windows)?

    I'm thinking of getting a new iPad and the main programs that I want to run is MS Office - Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Is the iPadOS version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint any different from the desktop version (Windows) and what do you get with the Office 365 subscription? Thanks in advance...
  14. E

    macOS Cannot open a new Word document in Objective-C

    Hello, I have a task to open Microsoft Word and create a new document in Objective C. If I am running an Apple Script below in the Script Editor, it works fine and a new Microsoft Word document gets created: tell application "Microsoft Word" to make new document" BUT, if I am trying to call...
  15. coach_ditka

    Catalina + MS Office 16.30 + 2015 MBP

    Posting to share my experience with Catalina 10.15.1 on my 2015 rMBP 2.5/512GB/AMD Radeon M370X. Decided to do a clean install, so I made my USB stick, backed everything up, booted to recovery mode and erased the drive and did the install. Entire process was about 45 minutes and trouble free...
  16. 9873697

    small "i" letter in Word of Catalina

    Hello. My Word on Catalina, even thought I disabled all spelling and grammar settings, still writes me big "I" instead of small "i". Is that a bug in Word on Catalina? On my Windows machine I don't have that problem. I use the same Office 365. Thanks in advance.
  17. 9873697

    How to copy table on Windows with text inside?

    Hello. I have an issue in Word, how can I copy-paste table with text on the left column? There is a screenshot what I need to copy with text just on left. I am using Office 365 and frequently update Word.
  18. P

    Can't open any text document after updated to Beta 8

    So, I was stuck at beta 3 for a long time and no problem with text document so far. And this problem happened when I updated to Beta 8 last night. I can't open any text files (.txt .docx) and shows popup "The document could not be opened" I thought it was Office problem, but excel and ppt...
  19. Z

    Read Word 5 document in 10.12?

    I have some old Word files (Word 5, I think), written in mid-1990s, that I can't read in 10.12. Tried current Word, LibreOffice, Pages. Even tried on a PowerBook G4 running 10.5 - no luck. Any tips on how to do this with minimum hassle?
  20. areskins

    iPad Pro Im so sad right now. Might sell my ipad pro 12.9 inch

    2 years ago I bought the 2nd gen 12.9 inch ipad pro. I love that tablet so much! Back then when I was still in med school I decided to go with just an ipad with no laptop. It was doable and I can do all my paperworks which just consists of mostly MS Word files and PDF files. Now that I’m a...