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  1. G

    iOS Get Rid Of Duplicates In Arrays

    I have an app I am trying to build that contains player objects in an array but I am trying to make sure there are no duplicates. My objects come by way of a notification from another VC. How do I remove duplicates in my favArr? class FavouriteManager { static let shared =...
  2. G

    iOS Core Data Issues

    I am building an app and it relies on Core Data to save and retrieve my hockey favourites. The issue I have is with retrieving. I don't understand why it retrieves all the players multiple times until you can't add any more favourites. It should retrieve only the players you favourite not all of...
  3. dkaiser

    VKit Player View only works in xcode not in exported app

    Hi, can't figure out why AVKit Player View only works inside xcode, and not in the exported app when i run the exported app it makes hole my viewcontroller blank like nothing is in it when i run it inside excode everything works.. anyone know what i am missing?
  4. R

    Could not cast value of type 'Swift.Array.

    I am trying to learn Xcode using iOS 14 Programming for Beginners (Packt Pub). I am now working on the part that adds the pins to the MapView, but when I run the app the map button is unresponsive (Runtime error). I get the following message in the Debug area: I'm sure that this message means...
  5. P

    Mac Do you have to be on the latest MacOS for Xcode?

    I'm using my late 2013 MacBook Pro 13" to develop apps and games with Xcode. Now, from what I understand, I won't be able to run monterey since my MacBook is too old. Would it be best to buy a new Mac or is there any other way to get around this? I guess it's possible to wait and use the older...
  6. D

    MP 7,1 Ice Lake Based 2021 Mac Pro Refresh Release Imminent?

    I figured I would bring this up to stir up discussion. I'm in the market for a Mac Pro but the Xcode evidence and rumors floating around recently have me hesitant about purchasing the current 2019 model. So far, I have been seeing people suggesting a quiet update for July 12th, or July 20th. Of...
  7. M

    Mac Xcode indentation formatting

    I downloaded several pre-made configuration profiles (xml) but when I use Xcode to edit each of them, the indentation formatting for each keys, string, integer, elements, etc came in one single line. I am talking about the entire document. Example...
  8. E

    M1 massiv problems: 700GB drive usage each day, stuttering music and much more

    Hello to all M1 users, I have my Mac mini (16gb) for about a week now, and it is horrible. The Mac is connected to one 4K screen and one FHD screen. I am using Chrome, Safari, Zoom, Tidal and sometimes PyCharm and Xcode. If I start one or two Xcode simulators, my sound starts stuttering for...
  9. iPadProPerson

    Mac Catalyst Reverse-Engineered

    Would you rather iPad OS with catalyst R-E or Mac OS on iPad. What I mean is if you can use catalyst to put iPad OS and iOS apps on Mac, can you put Mac apps on iPad, if so that would be great, so you could use Xcode and final cut, and main stage, and logic and the other Mac desktop applications...
  10. albebaubles

    EmbellishForXcode avail on Apple Silicon

    Hey folks, Just a quit note that EmbellishForXcode now supports Apple Silicon: Edit: I have tested on apple silicon.
  11. L

    Macbook pro 13 unexpected restarting when submitting my app to app store.

    Hi, my MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) is always restarting while I'm submitting my app to App Store via Xcode. I can't finished since it keeps restarting. I'm currently using the latest version of OS and Xcode. I also tried Transporter but my mac is also restarting when I'm...
  12. C

    RAM for Xcode or which macbook pro to choose?

    Hi everyone So im wondering is 8GB ram enough just for coding(Xcode)?If it is how many years approx it ll be? I have two options Used MBP 2015 15" 16GB RAM for 800$ or New MBP 2019 13" 8GB RAM for 1100$ Think both ll be enough only for next 2-3 years but if its 2019 i cant at least sell it...
  13. L

    Advice for buying a mac mini for programming

    I need a advice about if this mac mini that I'm going to buy will run smooth for what I will use. I need a mac mini only for programming, I will use only the Xcode and the simulator. This is the mac mini configuration: Intel core i5 2.5ghz 12 GB RAM Fusion Drive 620gb Intel HD Graphics 4000...
  14. Sven Seven

    All iPads iPad USB 3 speed with Xcode?

    Hello, I know the question of fast transfer speeds with iPads has been discussed at various places on the internet and on this forum. But I only found discussions about file transfer using that Lightning-to-USB3-adapter where the iPad is the host. Can any of you developers confirm that there...
  15. The Reasonable One

    Awful battery life on 2018 MBP: am I alone?

    hey like the tile says I am getting horrible battery life out of my 2018 MBP and have since if got it. I thought it was all of that years models being defective but after talking to people that’s not true. Anyway I need more specific data. How long do all of you programmers who use Xcode or...
  16. A

    Low Budget Equipment suggestions for developer

    Hello, I am a web and mobile developer, I work most of the time on Visual Code on web projects (JS, Node, Ruby...) and I also work from time to time on cross platforms mobile projects with Xcode and Android Studio with tools like Flutter, React Native or Native Script... I do not think I need...
  17. Cosmosent

    iOS Xcode 10.2 Fails App Verification ...

    FYI, just upgraded to 10.2, then while going thru the normal process to Verify before Dist: 1.) This bundle is invalid. 2.) Apple is NOT currently accepting apps built with this version of Xcode. Never seen this before. Anybody ???
  18. alinpha

    Mac Mojave - problem with sliced images

    Hey, I have developed an app that uses a lot of sliced images for it's UI. Since the Mojave release my app looks horrible because the images displayed not as they should, and i do not have any other way to bypass the problem. I have to use the images as 9 patches. The thing is, that no one...
  19. AphoticD

    Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger on a Modern Intel Mac (Virtualization)

    There are many ways to emulate a PowerPC Tiger system on modern Intel systems, but virtualization options for (Intel) Tiger are few and far between. VMware Fusion *can* run the Intel version of Tiger Server if you can tame it (10.5 Server was the first officially supported virtualized Mac OS X)...
  20. TechNismo

    iOS How to write privacy policy for app?

    So I created a very simple dice rolling app. Yes, this is my first app. I also have an Apple Developer Account and I am ready to upload the App to the App Store. In the application process it asks for a URL to my privacy policy. How do I create a privacy policy? My App does not take any...