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  1. Rico Muerte

    cMP 5,1 , Mojave, xcode, Unreal engine 4

    I have a 2012 5,1 on Mojave (see pics for specs), & Ive downloaded Unreal engine 4 which is supposed to run on Mojave, but I get an error message saying I need xcode...I was under the impression it was part of Mac OS? It seems I need to download it - where can I get the version that will run...
  2. F

    Excessive heating and fans on M3 Max 14" Pro with Xcode

    I recently purchased an M3 Max 14" Pro with 36GB ram, 2TB storage and I'm experiencing excessive heating and fan activity just running a simple Xcode project on the M3 Max. On iStatistico Pro, CPU cores 1-7 are showing around 180-200+ F temperatures and fans over 6k rpm within a minute of...
  3. S

    Lighthouse Nightingale Extension on iOS?

    Hey all, I'm trying to debug an issue on my iPhone 13 Pro, running iOS 17. I am using developer mode to examine system processes. I found this obscure process called Lighthouse Nightingale Extension. I've tried googling it. I find information on a macOS Lighthouse extension, but nothing...
  4. muharremozkan

    Introducing Auto Localize: A Game-Changer for App Localization on Mac!

    Hey MacRumors community! 👋 I'm excited to share a tool I've been passionately working on for our fellow app developers: Auto Localize. We all recognize the immense value of catering to a global audience. However, the localization process can often be cumbersome and time-consuming. That's where...
  5. ArrayDecay

    macOS Xcode being very annoying

    Xcode 15 is annoying me by asking this every time I run a project. Is there a way to mute these alerts? I don’t see anything in settings.
  6. ZircoBen

    Xcode keeps failing to install

    A few days ago, I installed Xcode from the Mac App Store. It shows up as installing there, but never finishes installing. After every reboot of the computer, it starts it again, and never makes any progress past the Installing... stage. Attached is a screenshot of the App Store and then one...
  7. I

    iOS XCode 15 RC odds. Preview and simulator

    Yesterday the RC version installed, but have still the following issues. I got this issue on mbp iMac and mac mini model 2020. If I install the latest iOS 16 simulator sw and create an iPhone model with it, I can’t choose it in the build settings and also not in the preview device settings. It...
  8. Lone Deranger

    macOS IDE for C# scripting in Unity?

    Now that Microsoft is axing Visual Studio support for macOS, what are some alternative IDE's worth considering for C# scripting? Out of the box Unity still offers support for Visual Studio, but for how much longer on macOS? Are there any game developers out there using Xcode with Unity? Sorry...
  9. F

    college and xcode

    Hello, I am a computer science student. I want to buy a mac to learn ios development(I already know android) and do college tasks. I will run the apps on a physical device, not an emulator, with a couple of tabs open (not many). Will a macbook air m1 with 8gb/256gb suffice? I can't afford buying...
  10. Gamercraft567a

    iOS What is the difference between Xcode and playgrounds ?

    what are the differences Between Xcode and apple swift playgrounds?
  11. N

    MTLAssetUpgraderD quit unexpectedly

    Hello, I installed macOS Ventura on my MacBook Pro 2014 (11,3) with OpenCore Legacy Patcher (OCLP). I also installed Xcode. 10 time by day : I have this strange crash message MTLAssetUpgraderD quit unexpectedly [Ignore] [Report] I use many soft, but I dont know from where it come : I read...
  12. cellularmitosis

    Developing for Tiger and Leopard / PowerPC (a devlog)

    I thought I'd start a thread about how to develop applications for PowerPC Macs running Tiger and Leopard, as I learn to do so. (I know there is a programming-specific sub-forum here, but that's really oriented towards modern macOS / iOS development, so I figured this sub-forum is a better fit...
  13. T

    Creating my own Xcode project help

    Hello, so I’m trying to create a program to test my functionality of the custom windows 11 iso i made for the 2008 through 2012 mac pros. It currently doesn’t work well on other macs at the moment because of the drivers I have implemented. So my program that I’m trying to create I have no idea...
  14. 81Tiger04

    Why does Xcode want to update?!

    I uninstalled Xcode a couple of months ago and the residual files as well (or at least I thought so). Why am I now receiving a Software Update for Xcode 14.1? I know it seems like a simple and dumb thing to worry about but it's driving me crazy. I don't understand why it is wanting to update...
  15. T

    need help creating my first application for mac os mojave

    hello, im creating a boot camp auto installer for the mac. im starting with the mac pro. i want to know how i can go about and create a disk managment program that allows you to select your partion sizes then it will grabthe iso file from the folder you have set. then it will tkae that iso and...
  16. W

    iOS New to XCode, a few questions

    I am new to XCode and have several questions 1. How exactly do you duplicate a line? In VSCode, you can press alt + shift + up/down and it will duplicate that line. Or shift + option + up/down in mac 2. control + I only indents. I need an auto format feature, such as making sure there is...
  17. W

    iOS Is Xcode necessary for developing Apple apps?

    I normally use windows and use VSCode. Just wondering if i need to use Xcode in order to create ios/macos/ipados/watchos apps? Or can I use VSCode for these?
  18. B

    macOS QuickLook on Mac issues

    I'm trying to create a custom Quick Look preview on macOS. I've found the Quick Look Preview Extension target, which is brilliant, and does most of the 'heavy' lifting, but I've run into a few problems. I'm implementing a preview for MIDI files (which has been missing since 2009...) using...
  19. gf11

    Resolved Unable to fetch debug symbols

    I'm using Xcode 14 (Beta 2) with macOS Ventura (Beta 2), and whenever I plug in my iPhone XS (iOS 16 beta 2), it briefly appears in the devices window and says it's fetching the debug symbols. Then, it just disappears from the list, and doesn't come back until I plug it in again. I've tried the...
  20. akikos

    Kernel panic when iOS simulator is running

    My MacBook Pro 2018 mid has kernel panic from Xcode 13.3 - 13.4.1 when simulator is running. I created a thread at developer forum and other developers have the issue. .... .... "build" : "Bridge OS 6.4 (19P4242)", "crashReporterKey" ...