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yellow screen

  1. F

    iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Uneven Screen Color Temperature

    I know there has been much discussion this year--and other years about the "yellow" color temperature of the iPhone 12 screens. I will start off by saying, yes the screen is much warmer as a whole, but I seem to have another issue. The warm temperature wouldn't be bothersome if it was even. But...
  2. N

    iPhone 12 iPhone 12: Yellow Display an Poor Customer Support

    I recently just upgraded from an iPhone 8 to the new iPhone 12. It’s a beautiful phone and a good size (although I may switch to the mini depending on how this replacement quality fares). However, upon first boot of the phone I noticed that compared to the 8 it is noticeably warmer (read yellow)...
  3. D

    iMac Yellow Tint

    I recently bought a 2010 iMac which has a yellow tint in the bottom third of the screen. Calibrating the display helped a little but I was wondering if it is possible to calibrate only a portion of the display? Is it possible to create some kind of filter that only applies to the bottom third...
  4. orbitalpunk

    Calibrated iPhone Screen Comparison

    Here is my test between my 6s and 7s. Both screen were calibrated with the Pantone True Color app using an X-Rite Display Pro 2. All images were shot in RAW and white balanced with the X-Rite color card. Lighting was equally 1000 watts on each side. Max brightness with auto brightness turned...
  5. bobesch

    Powerbook - Yellow Screen Issue

    Got a 15" PB 1.5GHz for fifty bucks at the bay. Everything perfect except the yellow tint of the screen. Like the new iOS "NightShift" view, but it cannot switched off... It migth be the ultimate device for night shifts, but I will certainly get a depression if I should be force to look all day...
  6. I

    Night Shift - Will it fix a already yellow hued screen?

    As the title says, will the night shift allow you to colour correct the screen to your liking? I found that my iPad Air has a yellow hue to it already, so it would look disastrous to make it even more warmer. I often found myself JB the device and using colour profiles app to correct it, so was...