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    Nov 21, 2006
    Okay, IDK how many of yall have been following the new NIN album and viral marketting, but Reznor is telling a story about a future with many new issues and edgy politics. Reznor said "Year Zero" is like a soundtrack to a movie that doesnt exist. Then I thought, I want to make the movie. So the opening scene I want to have "0000" on black, then fade to "0000" written on a piece of paper as a date on a school assignment. How is this possible? I would like it to be smooth and as natural as possible.

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    This should be an easy dissolve or perhaps a fade in fade out with the background color being white.

    Making it look smooth may be tricky and the reason I'm thinking that is the contrasts. You are going from white on black to black on white, correct?
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    Nov 21, 2006
    im going from 0000 in white on black to 0000 in pen or pencil on a piece of notebook paper (white) i want to have it go from a forward shot of "0000" on black to an arial shot of "0000" in a paper heading. So "0000" will shrink and fall onto a peice of paper.
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    I assume you have some kind of motion graphics software already, like AfterEffects, Motion, whatever.

    The easiest way to make them match up is to shoot the piece of paper first. When you have a take that's like you want it, framed up, right size, etc., now take that into the titling program and use it as a temporary background. Make the digital 0000 on top of the written 0000 as close to the right size, font, etc, as you can. (You might want to pick a font ahead of time, then practice making a written version of it so it matches up really well.) Now do whatever motion you wanted (zoom/spin/dissolve). When you're done, just reverse that effect so that the 0000 ends up at the spot on the screen you like. Now you've got two separate clips that you can dissolve into each other.

    Unless I've totally misinterpreted what you're hoping to do here.

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