08' and 09' mac pro do they have the same motherboards?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by j2048b, Sep 1, 2009.

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    If so could we not just get a copy of the rom or efi or what ever it is and install it from the 09 to the 08 to provide us with all sata devices, and thus activating the odd sata ports withour doing any hacking of windows exct...?

    just a question as to what the most significant differences were between the 08 and 09 motherboards and "invisible" bios, or emulated.

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    The most significant differences are the chipsets. The 2008 is based on a 5000 Intel board and the 2009 is based on a 5500 Intel design. The chipset on the 2009 is a ICH10R and the other one I believe an ESB2 like the 2006/7.

    2008 has one IDE OD boot device and 2009 doesn't have that and naturally boots ODs by SATA. There are more differences like the 771 socket vs the 1366 socket for the CPUs.

    Memory management and connection is very different FSB vs QPI.

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