'08 Macbook Can't Detect Apple Headphones' Microphone

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Maverick1337, Jan 25, 2012.

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    Good evening ladies and gentle,

    I have noticed quite an interesting problem/phenomena. When I FaceTime with my girlfriend I like to use headphones because it's much easier. I just noticed that my Macbook still uses the "internal microphone" and not the one that is on my apple headphones w/ remote+mic. I have looked under my sound settings and with them connected it does not detect an "external microphone." Is my Macbook really that old I can't use the microphone on my apple headset with my apple laptop? Any help or advice would be much appreciated and I thank you in advance for it.

    Thank you and I hope you have a good night.
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    Sep 8, 2010
    You cannot use iPhone headphones/microphone with OS X. To the best of my knowledge, those headphones for the iPhone are designed to only work with iOS. I recently learned this by trying to use the microphone on them with my 2010 iMac and no matter what I tried, OS X wouldn't recognize it.

    The headphone jack on Mac's is strictly an output and not dual-purposed like it is on the iPhone.

    I haven't tried plugging the headphones into the microphone jack of the iMac, but you could try and see if it recognizes the microphone that way, but then your audio from her will come out the outboard speakers of the MBP.

    I suppose a workaround would be - if the mic port recognizes the iPhone headphones mic - would be to get two headsets, the iPhone earbuds plugged into the mic port and another set of earbuds plugged into the headphone port so that you could talk on one set and hear on the other set.
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    The newer MacBooks with a combined Headphone Jack work perfectly with the iPhone Headset (both in and out and the same time).

    You should be able to get an adapter to split up the signal to 2 jacks for input / output if you want to use the headset with your "old" macbook.

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