'08 MB: can I hack on HDMI output & run Plex media center?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by misterwhy, Mar 13, 2012.

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    You could just get a Mini DVI to HDMI adapter, though you need a separate audio cable:
    PS: You can't hack some hardware onto a MacBook's logic board.

    And if you only have 2 GB RAM, stay with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
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    Mar 13, 2012
    Making a Media Center MacBook: Can I Do All This?

    I'm planning on converting an older MacBook into a media center PC in the next few weeks, running Plex. I have a few things I'd like to do with it, and I'd really appreciate some thoughts/advice.

    The device has 2GB of RAM and is running Snow Leopard. I'm planning on wiping the hard drive and doing a clean install. I also have a 1TB external USB/FireWire drive I plan to connect permanently.

    I've got a bunch of questions about what I can do with it, etc. Here are the things I'd like to do:
    1. Stream Netflix and Hulu Plus content
    2. Act as a torrent server to get music, TV shows, etc (using uTorrent and remote access to control)
    3. Act as a NAS/network share for file storage/wireless backup
    4. Stay always on, even if my TV is off

    1. Should be easy with Plex, there's a Hulu Plus plugin
    2. I'm going to migrate my torrent library to the external and use the WebUI for uTorrent to control it; the idea is to have an always-on torrent box. I want to automate downloading some shows, and apparently Plex makes this easy-- just need an always-on device.
    3. Should I partition my external and make one a network storage device? I read somewhere about setting up an SMB share. New to me, but I'm sure I can figure it out.
    4. I want to create an enclosure of some sort for the laptop and external so I can place it near my TV without looking like, well, a laptop and external drive. I want to connect the laptop to the TV in clamshell mode, but will the laptop stay on even if the TV is off? I know this might sound stupid, but it wouldn't surprise me if clamshell mode requires a display connection to stay active. I'm planning on using a Bluetooth keyboard and my iPhone as a wireless mouse. The keyboard can stay on all the time but my phone will obviously not be there at all times.

    What am I overlooking? Tips, advice, etc from people who've done this? Thanks!

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