1,000 Foot Range Home WiFi Network?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by drrich2, Jan 10, 2012.

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    I rent a small old brick home (really old construction) about 1,000 feet from the office where I work (also an old brick building, but my office is by the exterior). The space between is fairly open; a few trees & a house or two, but not urban skyscrapers, etc... The house has cable modem service with an old Linksys 'G' class wireless router, which has served fine for in-home networking.

    As some of you are doubtless familiar with from your own workplaces, when we get on our work computers, we have to click through this opening screen that warns us of dire consequences if we use the work computers/internet service for non work-related tasks. Some of my co-workers do it anyway, but I've mainly relied on my iPhone 4's 3G connection for private online activities without Big Brother monitoring every move.

    I can bring an old 1'rst generation iPad from home. It's wifi, of course, but not 3G.

    I'd like to know what product/combo. of products would, without being ridiculously expensive (let's say under $300?) or requiring much technical know-how (preferably not harder than hooking up a new wireless router to a computer), would extend the home's wireless broadband to the point that the iPad & iPhone 4 in the office could access that network for general web surfing, e-mail, etc...

    Ubiquiti NanoStation products were mentioned elsewhere online, but I don't know about cost, ease of use, Mac-compatibility or whether it'd actually work.

    What do you recommend? (Note: That's 1,000 linear feet between home & office; a 1,000 square foot coverage area (33 feet x 30 feet, for example) would come nowhere close to serving).


    P.S.: Thanks in advance!
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    Sorry tired, just reread it

    I've seen some people use some nice wifi range extender roof antennas. They split the Internet with several people on the block. Not sure how much it costs though. Just keep it well passworded and you should have no problems for that distance.

    The one you have listed above sounds expensive, and for more professional. Why not setup a Splashtop desktop or something similar from your iPad or whatever and using your work network just jump into your computer and browse the web through your home computer.

    Might not be the best solution or fastest but would work for checking email quickly and a quick browse or two. The only thing your work would know is you accessed Splashtop.
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    You either buy a cantenna or you build your own. If that doesn't work, nothing will. I've heard stories about people being able to keep steady connections on distances up to two miles... Google it for more info, or just get one here: http://www.cantenna.com/
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    The Cantenna recommends having a external antenna on the workstation end as they claim if it's not close it may not get a signal. Not sure if it would work so great on the iPad or iPhone. 40.00 is not a lot and could be worth a shot.
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    Ubiquiti will work fine - it's meant to blast Wifi over a 10-15 mile range (It's WiMax I believe).

    My sister is using this exact setup in Hawaii to shoot Cable internet 1200ft up a mountain.

    Nanostation M2 for 2.4GHz - better for slight obstruction. 2 of these would cost you $180 from Amazon.

    For her setup, she has one at the bottom of the hill hooked up to the cable modem as a router and blasting to the other one at the top of the hill 1200ft away which also acts as a wireless access point.

    Easily doable under $300 with 2 of these boxes. Not necessarily 1D10T proof but lots of support in their forums.
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    Long range Wifi extenders

    OK, am I missing something. I see only one reference to Ubiquiti in all of MacRumors. I've researched Cantenna, and other solutions, but if I'm reading things right, a Ubiquiti Nanostation LOCO (?) can pump out a 90 degree cone of signal @ a gain of 8-17 dbi, and a cost of less than $70 on Amazon. I don't know what the heck that dbi thing means, exactly, but with other solutions talking 3-5 dbi, and cantenna being limited to a 30 degree cone, Ubiquiti sounds like the hands down solution.

    I really have very little idea what I'm talking about, despite my research (in fact I feel like I understand LESS now, BECAUSE of my research!:confused:), so if someone out there has half a clue about this stuff PLEASE chime in. I'm not trying to hyjack your thread, but I have a similar situation, with a fast cable access (and several extra static ip addresses) available, 350 ft from my home, and less than perfect line of sight. I'm wanting to actually set up a separate, high speed wireless network at the house, without a separate high priced cable bill. I haven't actually figured out which of the Ubiquiti units is which, or what the diffrerence is between the Rockets, and LOCO's, etc, so I still have no idea what I actually need to put together to make this work, but I get the sense that this Ubiquiti thing is the way to go...

    Does anyone out there know ANYTHING about this whole extended range/base station/WDS thing??

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