1,1 or 2,1? Help with new GPU please


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Mar 23, 2011
Slough, UK
Hi All

I recently bought a Mac Pro on eBay, one without CPU, RAM or GPU.


This is what I get when the serial is inputted into Apple support site. I have added 2 E5345s Xeons and 4x2GB PC2-5300 FB RAM and a X1900 XT, the Mac boots into windows all fine. After research my edition of the GPU cant be flashed to work (256MB).

The support site doesn't list the 8800GT/GTS, is it not compatible? or just not available at time of purchase? I have listed the two I have seen on eBay below. Will they work?

Also how to tell if my Mac Pro is a 1,1 or a 2,1?



thanks for all help in advance.
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