1.5 out of 5 stars

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Ben_Dover, Jun 8, 2015.

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    Apr 22, 2015
    1 star for price
    1/2 star for effort
    Might give more star depending on customer service.

    Below are pics of the JETech watch band I had ordered from Amazon and just received today.

    Band: I didn't expect much so I wasn't disappointed. Cheap faux leather. One image below shows a scratch during contact with buckle. If your wrist is like 180-200mm don't bother. I was going to throw it anyway because I'm only after the adapter so I can change straps for my sports watch.

    Adapter: there was a slight resistance during insertion. I had to use a little bit of force. (Not talking about whatever came to your mind here). But second try was better. I don't feel confident on it's locking mechanism. The adapter has slight rough edges. Made with shiny material so it will not go well with the sport watches. Plus, adapter is not treated so it might have some reaction to the aluminum.

    Overall: the band looks nice from far away. Like 20feet. However, if you're OCD like me, there's a large gap and width to the adapters hook thus making the band move and be out of place all the time which makes your watch look crooked.

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    ...so 1.5/5 refers to the band?

    lol. With a name like BenDover, I refuse to believe your phrasing was unintentional.
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    I'm using my phone and iPad. Guess handsoff isn't working well across my devices. . Didn't realize I'm in the watch forum. I was trying to post re band threads

    Well, must be subconscious. I previewed my post and that came to my mind. Those thoughts aren't funny though.

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