1.67 GHz worth $165 more than 1.5 GHz?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Deslock, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Deslock macrumors member

    Aug 18, 2004
    Educational pricing for 15" Powerbook with superdrive and 1GB RAM:

    $2069 1.5 GHz
    $2234 1.67 GHz

    Is it worth the extra $165 for the faster CPU? Both come with backlit keys now.
  2. rozwell macrumors regular

    Apr 17, 2004
    think you would really miss that extra 170mhz? dont think so, but if you would, and you want to say you have the latest and greatest, go for it.
  3. Bear macrumors G3

    Jul 23, 2002
    Sol III - Terra
    That's up to you, but on the 1.67GHz model, you can also double the Video RAM.

    Also, did you remember to select the SuperDrive when configuring the 1.5GHz? And did you select the same 1GB upgrade on both? (1 DIMM vs 2 DIMM)?
  4. Zaty macrumors 65816

    Mar 14, 2004
    It depends, if you really need as much power as you can get, it might be worth the the extra $165.
  5. mrgreen4242 macrumors 601


    Feb 10, 2004
    That's the thing I would look at more closely. The question is more 'is it worth $250 for 64mb of VRAM'. If you play games on this machine, or use motion, or some other app that relies heavily on the GPU, then, yes, it is.

    Otherwise, take the $165 and buy a nice case and wireless mouse!

  6. Bear macrumors G3

    Jul 23, 2002
    Sol III - Terra
    Even Preview will use more VRam happily for PDF rendering. The way Mac OS X is, a lot of applications will get some boost by having more VRam available. Especially as you run more and more applications at the same time.
  7. durvivor macrumors member

    Jun 23, 2003
    Amazon.com Discounts Better than EDU?

    Ignore this post it you absolutly have to have BTO.

    But, when you add tax (6.5%???) are your prices really?

    $2069 1.5 GHz + 135 tax = 2204
    $2234 1.67 GHz + 145 tax = 2379.

    If you purchase at Amazon.com (If you wait a few days for the new Powerbooks to be listed at Amazon.com) and take advantage of your rebates the prices are.

    $1999 1.5ghz no Superdrive + 0 tax + 0 shipping - 150 rebate = 1849
    $2299 1.67ghz w/ Superdrive + 0 tax + 0 shipping - 150 rebate = $2149

    So, if you can find some third party 512 ram for $2204 - $2149 = $55 you'd be in a perfect position to get the 1.67 you desire for the price you were willing to pay for the 1.5.

    Course we both know your not going to find ram for $55. But, I thought that finding a cheaper machine might help you get the rig you really want.
  8. Savage Henry macrumors 65816

    Savage Henry

    Feb 20, 2004
    in a one horse, two house, three pub town.
    to answer the question...

    The market seems to think it's good value ... stock now at $77.5 ..... hike of 3.5%

  9. Deslock thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 18, 2004
    Both are with the superdrive and 2 DIMMs; the price difference appears to be only for the CPU speed (well, and you have the option to upgrade video memory with the faster model).

    There will be no tax (or rebates) as I'm buying for my school's department. Both models are within budget, but I don't want to waste money so I'm probably gonna go with the 1.5.

    I just realized that I probably should've posted this at the buying tips forum. Anyway, thanks for the replies everyone.
  10. 2A Batterie macrumors 6502a

    2A Batterie

    Jun 9, 2004
    Out of a Suitcase, USA
    Keep in mind that the new models have the sudden motion sensor feature that is supposed to protect your HD in case your PB falls.
  11. Lancetx macrumors 68000


    Aug 11, 2003
    I would definitely go with the 1.5GHz model and save the money. From all I can see the two models are identical otherwise. YMMV of course depending on what you need personally. :)
  12. spaceballl macrumors 68030


    Nov 2, 2003
    San Francisco, CA
    This powerbook update will be the last time Apple ever taps the G4 for a "power*" product. You might was well get the fastest they've got.

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