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Sep 24, 2011

I have a 1.83ghz mac mini and i am looking at upgrading to an ssd to replace my 250GB hdd, I have found an ssd which i can get very cheap and that's the kingston sv100s2,

does anyone know if this will fit my mini?

I have searched the forums and google but can't find anything,



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Jan 15, 2008

I highly recommend "OWC" website and products for that kind of upgrade. I just upgraded my Early 09 Mac Mini with OWC 120GB Merc Extreme 3.Gbps SATA and 8GB of RAM for about $250...my Mini is a screamer now, finally on par with my iPad 2 for surfing.

I'm not sure the 1.83 C2D supports 8GB of RAM but OWC can help you figure it out.


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Feb 18, 2010
Here I found this info for you

Older MacBook, iMac, Mac mini Solid State Drives
In some 2-4 year old Macs such as the early generations of Intel based White MacBook and Mac mini computers - Apple used a slower SATA I speed 1.5 Gigabit controller chipset. For these, you may not need a bleeding edge SSD. Most SSD's made currently are SATA II - but backwards compatibility insures they'll work fine on older SATA I computers. SATA III SSD's are now hitting the market, although Apple has yet to implement SATA III controllers.

that was on this website. http://www.ssd-for-mac.com/


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Aug 1, 2007
Antwerp, Belgium
It's a 2.5 inch drive less than 9.5mm in height, it'll fit.

You should take the opportinity to max out your RAM too. I think the max for pre-2009 mini's is 3Gb (edit: it's 2Gb for the 2006 and 3Gb for the 2007 mini, source) and type of RAM will depend on if you've got a 2006 or 2007 mini, but you can probably get it for cheap secondhand since there's very little demand for DDR2 RAM these days.

Have fun.
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