1-click voice memo to email reminder app??


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Nov 23, 2007
I used to use an application called Note2Self, which was the undisputed fastest way to send yourself a friendly reminder of something you didn't want to forget.

It was a simple process of opening the app, click the 'Start Recording' button, record your memo, then click 'Stop Recording'. You could then simply power off the phone and stick it in your pocket without the need to wait for it to send the voice memo, or the need for any user intervention whatsoever. The app would proceed to send you an email with the voice note attached to your pre-configured email address.

This was the ultimate app in my opinion, but unfortunately, it is not iOS 4 compatible, and I am tired of waiting for the developer to get around to fixing this app, which iLounge named as one of the Top 100 apps of 2008.

Anyone know of another application that can perform the functionality as this app can (WITHOUT ANY USER INTERVENTION REQUIRED).



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Jul 10, 2008
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I'm not sure you could "power off" the phone. Probably you mean you could "lock" the phone. The app need some time (just a few seconds if the recording is short) to send the email to you.

Anyway, you may take a look at my app "Group Email!" (link in signature). It can send emails to single or multiple recipients and can attach many kind of documents.
For example, and this is what can help you, it can record audio with the built-in recorder.

It is iOS4 and retina display compatible.

You can send a recorded reminder with these steps (taps) :

- open the app
- tap recipients
- choose your address (you don't have to search for it if you put it in a one-recipient list)
- tap attach and choose record audio
- tap record and start talking
- tap stop, and done to close attachments
- tap create message
- tap send

It's faster to do that to read so even if it's not "one-tap" it's still very fast.
If you have a device that supports multitasking the recipient selection can also be done only the first time the app is launched and it will remember it for next uses.

There's a video on our web site that shows the app, feel free to ask any other question.

Web Site


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Jan 23, 2005
Siri app does something like what you want. Open the app and say "reminder take out the trash" and it will send you an email with "take out the trash" in the message.



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Nov 23, 2007
I tried Siri at your suggestion, though it still requires a whole lot more user intervention than I was hoping for (clicking, confirming, verifying, sending, etc...)

I am looking for, open, click to record, click to stop recording, done.

Any suggestions?
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