+1 for Zagg's customer service


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Jun 9, 2009
South Jersey
First let me say I really like the Zagg Invisible Shield... I've put them on everything -my camera body, iPods, watch faces, both MacBooks I've owned, etc. Just not on my screens. The rubbery feel just isn,t compatible with a touchscreen IMO. Well, the day my new iPad arrived I took a trip to best buy decided to give their HD version a try. It's great. The same great protection I liked without the rubbery feel. and for the first time in my life I managed to install it without trapping a single spec of dust under it. I was both proud and happy with my new screen protector.

So on the 17th I made a stupid mistake. I was on the couch with a mountain of paperwork when I grabbed my iPad to use as a hard surface to sign something on. That was a bad, bad move. As I set the paper aside and grabbed the next one I looked down and saw a perfect imprint of my signature and date right smack in the middle of my screen. Invisible Shields are somewhat soft & even with the smooth surface of the HD version they can get imprints from coming into contact with hard/ sharp objects. Usually the imprints disappear after a few hours or a day. I must have been signing hard though because it's still there. I tried everything. Rubbing it, a heat gun on a very low setting, everything I could think of.

I gave Zagg a call and explained what I had done. I even admitted that it was a stupid mistake and as it was my own fault, didn't feel that it was fair of me to take it back to Best Buy as was suggested by a co-worker. I basically asked if they had ever had that happen and if there was something I could do do fix it or even minimize it.

Without hesitation, and even with a bit of resistance from me, since was just looking for suggestions, the woman I spoke with at Zagg insisted on shipping me a new one. She looked up my account and noticed the dozens of Zagg products I've purchased over the years and waived the shipping for being a longtime customer too. A+ in my book.

tl; dr: Zagg sent me a new iPad HD screen protector even after I told them I was an idiot and screwed it up myself.


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Jan 19, 2006
Wait, I thought they were supposed to be self-healing? I ordered the hd version from their website with a 20% off coupon code The day before the release date and it just shipped out yesterday. I've used bestskinsever for the value but I decided to try the hd one for the retina display


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Dec 20, 2011
I am not impressed with the HD version. I have it on my 4S. And although it is clear and does feel nice. It scratches EASY.


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Mar 24, 2012
fbfans25 gets you 25 percent off in case anyone is ordering, good to know about their good customer service, liked the one for iPhone so ordered the HD Maximum Coverage yesterday, they had free shipping too so for less than B Buy's price, got front and back, eagerly awaiting it.