1 Kernell Panic per day?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Arip, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Arip macrumors regular

    Nov 22, 2005
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    im having a little problem with my new Macbook White
    Every day i get a kernell panic, and dont know what to do

    Can anyone understan this log and can help me?

    Mon Mar  3 13:01:21 2008
    panic(cpu 1 caller 0x001A8C8A): Kernel trap at 0x00342696, type 14=page fault, registers:
    CR0: 0x80010033, CR2: 0x38d65cfc, CR3: 0x01102000, CR4: 0x00002660
    EAX: 0x00000000, EBX: 0x00000000, ECX: 0x21000001, EDX: 0x07891020
    CR2: 0x38d65cfc, EBP: 0x38d738b8, ESI: 0x07883750, EDI: 0x07883750
    EFL: 0x00010246, EIP: 0x00342696, CS:  0x00000008, DS:  0x03fe0010
    Error code: 0x00000000
    Backtrace, Format - Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack) 
    0x38d73628 : 0x12b0e1 (0x457024 0x38d7365c 0x13321a 0x0) 
    0x38d73678 : 0x1a8c8a (0x460550 0x342696 0xe 0x45fd00) 
    0x38d73758 : 0x19eb67 (0x38d73770 0x2 0x38d738b8 0x342696) 
    0x38d73768 : 0x342696 (0xe 0x3fb0048 0x1d70070 0x10) 
    0x38d738b8 : 0x1f32df (0x38d738d0 0x3 0x38d73908 0x4f4280) 
    0x38d73908 : 0x1ef54d (0x7883750 0x462ca8 0x38d73ee8 0x38d73f58) 
    0x38d73958 : 0x1c4b0a (0x7883750 0x462ca8 0x38d73ee8 0x38d73f58) 
    0x38d73f78 : 0x3dbe77 (0x670e2e0 0x43e1ea0 0x43e1ee4 0x4886bc4) 
    0x38d73fc8 : 0x19f084 (0x6f81520 0x0 0x1a20b5 0x46e5790) 
    No mapping exists for frame pointer
    Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0xb0230218
    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: Adobe Illustrato
    Mac OS version:
    Kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 9.2.0: Tue Feb  5 16:13:22 PST 2008; root:xnu-1228.3.13~1/RELEASE_I386
    System model name: MacBook3,1 (Mac-F22788C8)
  2. xUKHCx Administrator emeritus


    Jan 15, 2006
    The Kop
    From that log it seems like it is Illustrator that is causing the problem. Does it appear in the other kernel panic logs? Are you always using Illustrator when it happens? Are you doing anything in particular when it happens?

    You could try reinstalling Illustrator.

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