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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by erotic1, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. erotic1 macrumors newbie

    Aug 29, 2010
    I have been trying to correct this problem for several months now and read through dozens of posts and tried dozens of solutions and I still cant figure it out.

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate home network with (1) Imac, and 4 PCs connected. The iMac can see the all PC's and can share files on all computers and network drives. Three of the PC's can see the iMac and share files, printers, and external drives. However, one PC, which happens to be my main PC that I use for all my work can see the iMac under network but when I try to connect to it, instead of getting the Username and Password prompt that the other computers get, receives the Windows network error "Windows cannot access \\IMAC and the error details say "0x80070035".

    Most of the fixes I read revolved around changing network security settings in Windows administration. Currently all (4) PC's have LAN Manager authentication level set to "Send LM & NTLM responses" & Min session security for NTLM set at "require 128-bit encryption". Regardless of what you read I know these settings work because, of course, (3) of the 4 PC's exchange files and hardware with no problem. All other security settings in local polices are set the same on all machines as well.

    - Compared adapter settings and network sharing options and they are all the same
    - All PC's have the same antivirus program
    - All are set to the same home group
    - I do not run any firewalls on any of the computers
    - All local security settings seem to be set identical on all machines.
    - I am able to ping the iMac from the PC in question with no problem either.

    Can anyone think of anything else to check that would keep this one PC from accessing the iMac? (this driving me NUTS!)

    Thanks you for any help!
  2. erotic1 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 29, 2010
  3. vistadude macrumors 65816

    Jan 3, 2010
    Are they all wired using ethernet or are some on wifi connections? Try using all ethernet temporarily until all computers can see each other and then go back to mixed wireless/wired.

    The only other thing I can think of is to disable firewalls temporarily and remove passwords until computers are discovered.
  4. erotic1 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 29, 2010
    Thanks for your reply but I do not run firewalls and the MAC and my laptop that I am having the problems with are hard wired. One of the other PC's is also hard wired and is not having problems. The other PC is wireless and it is not having a problem. My laptop is not having trouble seeing the MAC. It shows up in Windows network devices and if I shut the MAC down it disappears. It just refuses to connect at all.
  5. erotic1 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 29, 2010

    Well I just went hunting for solutions, again, and unbelievably the solution was extremely simple.

    Although the IMAC was showing under network connections when I clicked on it it would never go to the user/password prompt.

    To fix i just opened Windows Explorer and typed //IMAC (which is the name of the IMAC on the network). It connected right up and now when I go to network and click on it works!

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