1-star Reviews: "Apple Music Won't Let Me Sign up for Unlimited Trials"

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Folks, people are already complaining that they can't sign up for unlimited free trials to Apple Music... despite the fact Apple Music offers the industry-longest three-month free trial. They're not being coy about it either, admitting they'd sign up for unlimited Beats Music free trials with different email addresses and complaining about not being able to listen for free, seemingly unaware of what a "trial" is.

    Just check out the reviews of the new update for Beats Music:


    $9.99/month or less through family plans for unlimited streaming access is a tremendous value on any music subscription service. Baffles the mind why people wouldn't want to pay for a service they use frequently, unless they're content with the radio features and low audio quality of free services.
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    May 28, 2015
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    Well this is a shocking error. I had a similar issue. I went to an Apple Store and they wouldn't let me leave with a Macbook Air unless I pay!!! Terrible customer service! Of course I immediately tweeted Tim Cook about it but for some reason he didn't respond.

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