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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by smooth, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Well, I've had my MacBook for one year now so I thought I'd post my review of it. I believe it is a Rev. B (Oct 2007 - not sure on how the revisions work): black MacBook 2.2 Ghz 2GB RAM 160 GB HD Santa Rosa.

    My short review: AWESOME

    Last year when my wife and I were looking at getting a laptop for each of us, I truly wanted an Apple. I had used iBooks for church and school and really liked them. However, noting the $1099-1499 price range of MacBooks and the "deals" from competitors like HP and Dell, I really didn't think I'd get one. Initially, I was only going to be using it for word processing for children's church lessons and my bible school, email, iTunes and internet surfing. When I priced out some HP and Dell models with some decent specs, I saw the price climb considerably. For the heck of it, I went on Apple's site and was quite pleased to see the MacBooks had similar specs in the same price range. So I was sold.

    As it turns out, I ended up using my MacBook much more than I originally anticipated. I was put in charge of the children's ministry and the churches 2 iBooks (one of which was assigned to the children's program) were sold so that the lead pastor could get a new MacBook. So now my MacBook is used every Sunday for a Keynote presentation and iTunes. My team and I have made a few videos and edited them with iMovie. I have burned those movies onto DVD for some of the parents and am now on a kick to get all my home movies from mini-VHS tapes onto DVD - something that never even crossed my mind when looking for a laptop. Now I am editing the weekly bulletin in Pages which is something I could not do with Word.

    Complaints - Most of these are incredibly minor and not necessarily tied to the MacBook, but with applications - but it's a review so here goes:

    Mail - I'm not sure if this is a Mail problem or MobileMe, but with some emails when I reply all, my email is included which is just an annoyance, nothing major

    iMovie '08 - iMovie HD is a much better version with more options. It is also a little more user friendly. My guess is that it's an attempt to get users to buy better software.

    Internet speed - My MacBook seems to load pages a little slower than my wife's Dell Inspiron, no matter what browser I'm using. So far Camino seems the fastest and its' become my primary browser. Part of it could be because of work where I am spoiled with a T1 line.

    iSight Recording - Part of the movies I've made used iSight and there's a buzz in the audio no matter what input/volume levels I use

    Compliments - These are just what I really like so far

    Spaces - Truly an amazing concept. I usually have 5-9 programs running at work and sorting through them is such a pain. If I run that many at home, it's no big deal at all. Click the icon and there we are.

    iCal - Such a streamlined program, it's amazing how cluttered and unorganized other online calenders seem. It's the main reason I was looking forward to MobileMe.

    Time Machine - Another very user-friendly program - at least for backing up. I have yet to have to go back to try to retrieve or restore something. Hopefully I won't half to, but that will be a true test.

    Longevity - So far, after 1 year, it runs just as smoothly as it did from day one. My main problem with PC desktops is how quicky they start to slow down.


    Line-In - hoping this will eliminate the buzz on iSight - haven't tested it yet
    MacSword - online Bible
    Camino - primary browser
    Drawers - the folders in my Stacks look as if they are inside a desk drawer

    My goal with my MacBook was to be able to keep it for 4 years and by the end of that 4 years, if it held up and worked efficiently, I would retire it for another Apple product. With my increased usage and satisfaction with the product, I can say that unless it decides to really go downhill, I would not switch back from Apple. And if it's still running as great as it is now, I will keep it longer if I don't care for what comes out at that time (not really thrilled about the new MBs and MBPs that just came out). I'm not one of those who has to upgrade just because something new came out.

    Though I am still hanging on to an old cell phone patiently waiting for a 32 GB iPhone :)
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    Good to hear! I got the last rev 2.4 Black MacBook and I love it too. They're great computers and this one is so much easier to keep clean than my old iBook G4. I predict you'll be very happy with yours for as long as you keep it.

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