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Sep 24, 2013
Boston, MA
Hello All,

So I just updated my iPhone 6s to 10.1 via the Settings App on the phone - everything seems to be okay after the update until I opened the photos app.
The first thing I noticed is that the cover photo for the "All Photos" album was a photo from 2 years ago - when I opened the album I'm seeing a bunch of really old photos - I was worried for a bit for thinking that my photos might be removed during the update!
Then I scrolled up and finally saw some of the photos I took recently - phew.

So the problem is: now all the photos in the All Photos album seem to be in random order. I don't think it was like that before the update - also this is kinda problem for me because when I try to share some recent photos via a 3rd party app, by default it's showing my the 'All Photos' album :/ I have to dig thru 3000ish photos to find the one I just took minutes ago.

Does anyone else have the same problem?



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Mar 9, 2015
Neither do I. I actually have had a similar problem in the past, on iOS 9 I think it was, but currently everything is in working order.


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Aug 25, 2008
Atlanta, GA
My is doing the same on my 7 plus and iPad Pro. Only 17 old photos though. Not a huge deal for me, although strange.
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