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Dec 21, 2014
Since I updated my new 15 inch MacBook Pro with the Radeon pro 460 with 10.12.2 update, it seems like switching between the integrated 530 GPU and the Radeon pro 460 is really glitchy.

Sometimes it works perfectly but a lot of the times when the system switches from the discrete GPU to the integrated 530 GPU the 460 pro stays powered on, using about 10W according to istat menus.

I did notice this glitch when I suddenly got higher temps than usual doing nothing, then my battery time was significantly shorter than before. The only way that seems to fix this problem is to restart the laptop but it gets a bit annoying when you have to do it often.

Is there anyone else with this problem?


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Dec 4, 2012
Maby that bug is one of the reasons the battery tests are so non constant. Ive got alot of graphic glitches during the switching also.
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