10.2.8 "locked" or "frozen" icons on desktop


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Jan 18, 2005
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Hi, sorry if I am not posting in the right place - but the 10.2 area off apple.com seems to not be allowing new posts and i am having a very odd problem. I can not "move" any icons on my desktop - there seems to be no dragging at all. Nor can I "drag off" links or files from a web page. and finally I can not change my desktop picture which seems to be related. It seemed to begin immediately after i had a problem with my printer (hp 3650)

I have trashed my finders prefs, repaired my permissions, ran tech tools, relaunched finder - restarted the computer - and I am really not sure what the heck is going on . . .

Other than that the computer seems to be fine - I can launch applications from the icons all the screens come up - just nothing except whole application windows will move. I can right cliclk or control click to download as opposed to dragging off - so technically I have not lost any functionality - but I'd really like to figre this out.

Is there dome sort of "freeze desktop" setting I may not know about?

I am pretty confused . . .

thanks for any help


EDIT - powermac G4 2x 1.25 1gig RAM


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Nov 23, 2009
I Have The Same "Locked" and/or "Frozen" Icon problem

I have exactly the same problem with my desktop icons freezing or locking in place...unmovable. They open just fine but I cannot download anything bew and the current icons stay in place.

I have maybe 25 icons on my desktop. When this 'freeze' thing happens one...just one icon...is moved way out of place each time this happens and is now frozen in place in it's off-the-wall location on the desktop.


I tried what you suggested to 'onthebandwagon' and got exactly the same results.

Happens in the morning when my computer (Mac Dual Core 2.3ghz running 10.5.8...these are dual Mac processors).
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