10.2 & 9.2 oops...


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Jul 24, 2002
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ok, so i install 10.2 as an upgrade and, well, it just wasn't particularly happy on my machine - lots of little annoyances (such as login items not hiding) but hey, we all know that upgrading isn't nearly as good as a clean install...


i do a clean install of jaguar.
all is well essentially.
however now that i've got my computer back to where i want it i, um, realize i forgot to intall 9.2.
not that i use it much but, well, you never know.
so i put my 9.2 cd in and boot off it and it tells me that i needs to do a clean install.
will this erase my h/d like a clean install of 10.2 or will it just put a blank system on the h/d next to 10.2?
an help at all would be appreciated...
basically: "how do i install 9.2 on a machine that already has a clean install of 10.2"?



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Jun 7, 2002
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I think you .....

I think I remember that, when I originally installed OS X, I started with the OS 9.2 cd, and partitioned the hard drive. (You probably don't have to do this.) After partitioning the hard drive (2 partitions), I installed OS 9.2 on the smaller partition. Then I installed OS X on the larger partition.

At the time, it made a lot of sense for me to do the above. I wanted to keep all OS 9 & OS X items separate.

Do what you want with this information. I'm sure someone will come up with a better solution for you, if you have time to hang on.

Good luck.