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    I'm new to the macworld so please excuse my ignorance. I bought an brand new iMac late last year at my local apple store. I've been reading up about the 10.5.2 software updates. When I went to check what software version I had, it showed I had 10.4.11? I went to the apple website to upgrade to 10.5, but all I get is 10.5.1. Can someone help me upgrade to 10.5.2?
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    You need to buy a retail copy of Leopard (OS X 10.5) on DVD before you can install 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 updates... think of the main number upgrades as similar to a move between Windows 98 and XP, for instance.
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    how late last year did you buy your imac cause you may already have a leopard dvd that came with your computer... they just expected you to install it yourself
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    This number represents the kernel revision, and is changed very rarely, and only when major kernel changes are made, or an entirely new kernel is used.

    This number means there are major changes above the kernel, usually to the APIs or user interface. This number changes more often, usually once every year or so, and is considered a "major" release in that every time this number changes, you must pay for the "new" OS.

    This number can change quite frequently, and will always be a free update. It changes for various reasons, but usually for security fixes, bug patching or other minor changes that don't change the kernel or user interface.

    Thus, you currently have 10.4.11, the latest and greatest revision to Tiger. If you want Leopard, you need to purchase it, and then you will have 10.5.2. Note that eventually 10.6 will be released, but not for at least another year (or two.)
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    10.4 is Tiger. 10.4.11 is the latest version of Tiger with all of the patches and fixes that Apple put on it.

    10.5 is Leopard, the newest version of OS X. You'll need to buy this from Apple, which I can't tell if you did or not. If you buy it soon, it'll still be 10.5.1 on the installation DVD, but that's fine. 10.5.1 just means it only has the first set of patches, updates, and fixes on it, but you can easily update to 10.5.2 with any version of 10.5. 10.5.2 is just the latest big update to Leopard (10.5), and if you have Leopard, you can update to it by using "Software Update," which is built into the operating system. You just click on the "Apple" icon in the menu bar at top, and you'll see "Software Update..." Run that, and (with 10.5) it'll download and install for you the latest update 10.5.2 (for free!).
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    Thank you!!!

    I just wanna thank you guys for your posts. They were very helpful and I am now running 10.5.2.

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