10.5 Server - Average boot time?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nimraynn, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. nimraynn macrumors newbie

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    Hi guys,

    What should the average boot time of a pretty fresh install of Mac OS X 10.5 Server be?

    I'm having a play around with OS X Server and did a fresh install of 10.5 on my PowerMac G5 last night, configured a few basic things, then shut it down for the night. I've now come to boot it back up again this evening and it just sits on the white screen with the Apple logo and spinning wheel. I've left it there for a good 15 minutes and it's not done anything. Just forced a restart on it, but I'm not sure how long it should take.

    I know server operating systems in general can take longer to boot due to the higher overheads, but I wouldn't have thought it'd take 15 minutes. Especially not OS X.

    Spec of the machine is PowerMac G5. Dual 2.0GHz. 8GB memory. nVidia FX5200 graphics card. 160GB HDD.

    Any ideas what could be causing such a slow boot time? Or is it normal?

  2. micahgartman macrumors member


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    The boot time for 10.5 Server isn't noticeably different 10.5 Client.

    Did you go through the process of configuring DNS?
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    FWIW, in my experience, Leopard server never took more than one minute from pressing the power button, until it was accessible through ARD.


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