10.6.1: Screen goes dark after mouse stopped moving

Discussion in 'macOS' started by fandsw, Sep 18, 2009.

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    Ran across a weird behavior on my new MP this morning: Woke the machine up from sleep, everything seemed to come up ok. Started checking email and the screen went dark, the monitor showed it lost the video signal. Moved the mouse, it came back. 1 second after the mouse stopped moving the video signal stopped again and screen went dark. Moving the mouse, which was in the middle of the screen and not in a hot corner, would bring it back again. Did this every time consistently. Checked the MP, it was not going to sleep judging by the power light on front panel, and it also looked like apps stayed up and running. Then I reset the MP, and it went down, but wouldn't automatically come back up. Finally held the power button and it went down and the power light went off, then pressed it again to bring it back up. The MP came back up, and was fine from there on.

    It almost acted like the screensaver was confused, however the screensaver itself did not come up, instead it shut off the video signal as the monitor showed it had lost it's signal. Almost like it didn't come out of sleep cleanly.

    Was it Hardware? Software? Anyone else seen this type of behavior before?
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    Weird, it sounds like your display is set to sleep instantly! The second you stop moving, the display sleep kicks in.

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