10.6.3 crashes win 7 when using smb

Discussion in 'macOS' started by brbubba, Apr 17, 2010.

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    May 20, 2006
    I thought this problem might be related to the SMB issues that everyone is having in 10.6.3, but I've tried most of those SMB fixes and nothing works. Here's what happens, I have a shortcut to my Win 7 share, I launch it and a window opens, drive shows up on the desktop and sometimes icons show up sometimes they don't. Trying to copy anything is out of the question, the copy will just fail. Even going through the finders GO menu will screw it up. I am currently directly connected to my PC, was connected through a switch before, made no difference, nor should it.

    Strange thing about the windows box is that it will be responsive until I try to open anything, and then it will just go into an infinite loop and require a hard reboot. I did briefly get it working, enables the smb.conf extensions off item, did a repair disk, did a full onyx clean and somehow it worked for a day. Now it's totally hosed again. And yes, this started happening right when I updated to 10.6.3!
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    Take a possible solution at this blog and see if it works for you.
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    Here I thought I was an idiot because I had it set on my mac to "off" instead of "no" ha ha. Fixed, but it doesn't resolve the issue. It seems like the "no" option has to be turned off server side. I wouldn't even know where in windows 7 you can change this option?

    FYI: using cifs: instead of smb: also causes a crash.

    EDIT: Turns out it was the drivers for my Windows network card. On a hunch I reinstalled the drivers for my GigE PCIExpress network card and it now works flawlessly. Apparently the windows update drivers must have screwed with it or it got corrupted.

    False alarm, it worked flawlessly for the night and then decided to not work again today. No clue wtf is going on here.

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