10.6.3 to 10.6.2

Discussion in 'macOS' started by DanteHeaven, May 18, 2010.

  1. DanteHeaven macrumors newbie

    May 18, 2010
    Hi there

    I just purchased my first MacBook Pro today and I see it has come with 10.6.3 already installed

    Is it possible to downgrade to 10.6.2 safely without have to do a 2nd partition or anything? (Most of the drivers are need are only released on 10.6.2 a the moment until the new ones come out)

    Thanks in advance

    P.S Should this not be possible without messing it up, how about a downgrade to Leopard without a partition? (I may have read this is not possible as many of my new computers drivers require Snow?)
  2. maflynn Moderator


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    May 3, 2009
    Apple does not provide a way to downgrade to a lower version other then installing the base level that came with the computer or when you bought OSX.

    With that said, if your computer came with 10.6.3 then there's no way for you to go down any further. The oldest version your computer can run is the version it came with.

    may I ask what's wrong with 10.6.3, in that you want to go down to 10.6.2?
  3. sammich macrumors 601


    Sep 26, 2006
    Dunno, it might be possible to change down if you get the retail dvd, but you will have to find out the extensions which enable support for the new hardware and copy them over.
  4. synth3tik macrumors 68040


    Oct 11, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    The only time I could see any issues would be with a program like Avid's Protools or something of that sort. 10.6.3 was only an incremental update and should not render anything unusable.

    Now in the case of going from 10.6 to 10.5, then there may be some reasoning, but 10.6.3 is just a slightly more stabilized version of 10.6.2 there is no big new features or anything with an incremental update.
  5. DanteHeaven thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 18, 2010
    Ok thanks for your help, I already have an M-Audio Firewire 410 that I was going to install but the latest available driver for this is 10.6.2, do you think I can still install my 410 using this driver?
  6. lewis82 macrumors 68000


    Aug 26, 2009
    Totalitarian Republic of Northlandia

    I'm running a program designed for 10.2.8 on my machine. It does not work very well, but it didn't run much better in 10.2.8.

    The difference between 10.6.2 and 10.6.3 (or even 10.6.4) is too small to make it not work.
  7. DanteHeaven thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 18, 2010
    Ok thanks, I'll give it a go. Are Mac's like Pc's where you can always reomve the drivers and try again with different ones with no harm done?

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