10.7.2 Home Folder on Hard Dish?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by dddmeyer, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Oct 22, 2011
    My wife works (literally) with HUGE Photoshop files that take immense amounts of time to open or save working from a hard disk. So, I made a considerable investment last month in a maxed-out iMac with Lion that would support her workflow--which has all of her user files on (in?) the desktop. (We go back to 1984 and the original OS.) BUZZZZZZZZZZZ. I won't work because the Solid State Drive is too small to handle the Home Folder that contains her desktop. So, using the TAUW workaround, I designated a Home Folder on the Hard Disk and continued to boot from the SSD. It worked well enough until I updated to 10.7.2, which apparently does not allow this workaround. Thanks Apple, but you're preventing us old-timers from leveraging the speed of the SSD. Have I wasted $450 on an SSD? Is anyone aware of a workaround for this problem for 10.7.2?
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    I don 't quite understand. You have an imac with a ssd and you also have a hd, with the hd large enough to handle your wife's files. The problem I see is using the desktop directly for storage. Why not keep the OS and Photoshop (and other apps) on the SSD and move the working files to the HD? Put aliases on the desktop to reach them. This is sort of what I do on a MacPro. I have two HDs in addition to the boot HD. They carry my current photos and my archived photos respectively. (There's yet another drive for time machine; you are backing up aren't you?). Except I don't bother with the desktop. The other drives are "favorites" and that is sufficient. What am I missing?
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    What workaround? It a feature in OS X
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    I don't get it either; my iMac has both an SSD (OSX + Apps) and an HD where all home folders are located, and all is perfectly fine.

    The only additional change that I had was to use a symbolic link for the Steam Apps folder to be kept in the SSD as well (otherwise custom maps cannot be found properly).


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