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10.7 All the Little Things!


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Mar 3, 2005
Pictures really don't do 10.7 justice. It's all about the slick animations and gestures. When you go back in the browser for example, as you start to slide, the previous page is shown behind the first one…

There's so many amazing details and fixes of longtime annoying things.

Also spotlight show realtime previews, if tells you a 2nd line of text, and if you hover over a font, it shows you a preview, hover over a bookmark, it shows the page, hover over a ical event it shows you that event in detail, which you can then click into…

My #1 feature:
⌘G = Group Selected Files into a Folder

  • Spotlight Realtime Previews
  • Migration Assistant for Windows (exe)
  • Sliding the trackpad to the left with 2 fingers in safari presents a visual back button, like stacks of pages you see the pages on back and forward
  • You know how IE on windows always scrolled smooth and really fast? Safari Finally does that. Javascript is sandboxed per tab, making scrolling perfect.
  • Quicktime Video capture supports ⌘+SHIFT+4 style cropping of capture area
  • Quicktime adds back in all the copy&paste, insert clip features of Quicktime Pro
  • Quicktime has lots more export options…
  • Quicktime screencapture has an option to highlight your user clicks
  • There's animated icons on some finder sidebar items like airdrop
  • There's over 22 different view combinations for the finder, finally i can instally scroll through my 480 installed apps without the finder lagging
  • Custom Colors for Desktop Background from color picker…
  • Real security at the screensaver, instead of a single app protecting you, it actually uses loginwindow process
  • Filevault is much more innovative, no more hours waiting to encrypt the disk off the bat
  • Quicktime now has crop video, rotate video, resize, trim
  • 10.7 Hides the library folder in your home directory, so you dont' put it full of junk, this is because mobileme will shortly automatically sync your home directory if you choose…
  • you can base stuff around profiles, so it brings back "location in a way, to have different settings for home, work", say sexy wallpaper at home, nice one at home (this takes work to configure)
  • The finder grid layout actually works…
  • You can finally sort files by "date added" like stacks
  • There's animations for everything, slick simple transitions that remind you of the polish of the iphone. Stuff that makes it easier to understand what your OS is doing with visuals
  • Reverse scrolling like iOS is on by default, you can disable it at the top of trackpad options… but it's awesome after a few days.
  • SSD Trim support (If you have an intel SSD don't complain, as intel doesn't support TRIM in any of their SSDs and won't until later this summer)
  • Preview is a powerhouse app, you can even sign your document just by holding a piece of paper up to the camera with your signature (it saves it for you!)
  • The ability to auto save versions if you choose is awesome, if you don't want it you can keep your file "locked" so to speak, where it means it saves a version, instead of revisions
  • I'm just getting warmed up there's so many little things that have been fixed that I've dreamed of since 10.0, Apple really is going all out in 10.7
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Jul 31, 2005
Wow, Safari two-finger history sliding is so freakin' cool. Had no idea you could do that. Thanks for the tip! :)


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Nov 30, 2010
you just gave us more information than any of those wana-be techsavys around the web, thank you. i think those little thing sre the ones that will make lion superb.


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Jul 31, 2005
I created a thread and found out it was already figured out but would like to add to this

To hide/remove apps from Launchpad just ctrl + opt + cmd and click!
There's no way Apple will leave this keyboard shortcut as the only way to remove apps from Launchpad. I bet next beta will feature a much user-friendlier and more intuitive way to customize one's Launchpad.


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Sep 19, 2003
There's no way Apple will leave this keyboard shortcut as the only way to remove apps from Launchpad. I bet next beta will feature a much user-friendlier and more intuitive command to customize one's Launchpad.

I also hope they let you remove Launchpad from the dock.


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Dec 31, 2010
Ok lol.. Which is it!!! I just hope the next beta or two its enabled on mine

Well, Intel has been supporting TRIM since late 09 I believe, but OS X has not. Lion has support for Apple's official CTO SSDs, but not for 3rd-party SSDs as of yet.
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