10.7 Mini-Review/minor issue (help)

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    Jul 8, 2011
    So I finally got OS X 10.7.1 (I waited for the first pair of patches).

    So I download it install. First thing I notice is the inverse functions. There were a lot of changes and it took a good while to get all the preferences and settings back to the way I like them. Luckily with some help from jitouch I got things the way I like them. Lion feels a lot snappier, but it does use more RAM. I had mail, ical, ichat (no chats going on), itunes, and safari (one window), in 1 hour it was already at 2.5GB RAM usage.

    Mail was really different as was iCal. Lion seems to take up more hard drive space and has a bunch more things floating around that I simply don't need. Happy with being able to get things like Snow Leopard, I do a clean install. Takes a good while to get all the settings right and getting the back ups, I forgot to backup my bookmarks however :(

    It takes some getting used to, I like how you can swipe between spaces, I could do that before, but they changed it to 3 fingers, i used to have it on 2 fingers and a 3rd finger was used for moving across spaces (vertically, horizontally or diagonally), but this way was simpler. I also like web browsing, before to go back and forth between i used to have it on 3 fingers in snow leopard, in lion it's 2 fingers, which is great, because that's the same way you scroll around. I had jitouch, so I had been spoiled long before.

    full screen app mode isn't all that great, I can't over lay things, so i can't chat while watching movies on full screen. Couple other of those occurrences, we were able to do full screen mode before, now its just restricted to only one app full screen.

    One thing that takes some getting used to is the resume, when you turn off your computer and turn it back on, it starts exactly the way it was, which means longer start up times, super suckage, what I really don't like is that it will launch the OS and show that everything is running, before everything is active, so although some programs are open, if I try to use them, they don't work, i have to wait a while before I get full functionality. I'm upset I haven't had that happen to me since windows. :mad:

    You can choose to not start up the same, but you always have to uncheck the damn little check box, I can't do a clean start, it's pointless to have programs launch at start up, its still a sticky mess. before i would have my mail, cal, itunes, launch at start, i would quickly view and close them. Now it starts up they pop up at random times, i can't close them because my close function hasn't kicked in yet. then all the old stuff pops up; blah messy and my least favorite thing.

    Since I was able to get everything to behave like Snow Leopard I'm over all satisfied. it's snappier, and they fixed an issue when you first click the utility folder for the first time I had to wait a while. Bad news, longer start up, unpleasant start up, start up launching how it was. Eats lots of RAM, i have 8 RAM so i'm cool :cool:

    The only thing that is really bugging me is that I keep hearing a swooshing sound, like when something gets pulled to the trash can. It happens like 2-3 times an hour? I have resume or auto backup files off. Is that whats causing it? does anyone know what is going on or how to stop it. I was trying to enjoy a movie last night and I keep hearing that *swooping* sound.

    someone somewhere else said it was
    iChat contact signs off.
    can anyone else confirm this? ill be grateful (don't have my computer on me)

    Oh one more negative, when you delete things from itunes they aren't moved to the trash, nor are you given the option to do so. You must now manually get the file and toss it yourself.
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    Feb 19, 2011
    When I first installed Lion that's one thing I could not stand. Thankfully you can change 3 fingers to back/forward for Safari and 4 fingers for spaces in trackpad preferences, just like it was in SL (with the addition one space switching off ;)).
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    Jul 8, 2011
    yup, i disliked some of the options on lion, so i would turn it off, and use jitouch to get exactly the right commands, luckly jitouch has a Lion version already :D


    someone somewhere else said it was
    iChat contact signs off.

    can anyone else confirm this? ill be grateful (don't have my computer on me)

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