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    By now you must be aware of my critical views on ML and its non-innovative set of "improvements", not to mention long-standing features which have been removed altogether...besides, I have had zero problems with Lion (apart from a disappearing mouse cursor bug after watching movies on iTunes).

    In any case, I may still consider the move to ML at a later stage, when bugs are fixed and perhaps a few features re-introduced...so my very simple question to those of you acquainted with Apple's 10.x.x development schedules is: WHEN do you think version 10.8.1 is coming out?

    In the case of Lion, 10.7.1 came some three weeks later...what about now? Anything already seeded to developers?
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    Game developers are showing the path to Linux, given the misguided tabletization of both Mac and Windows.
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    Nothing has been seeded to developers. No one knows the timeline besides Apple.
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    I'd imagine not for a month. If the dev's haven't gotten it yet then it could be further down the pipe. Overall ML has been good. Better than day one release Lion was. Only problem I have is this..

    If you are using an iPad or iPhone with an e-mail address that is the same as your AppleID to call the Mac which that Apple ID is associated with? It won't connect via Facetime. So you have to make sure the e-mail that is the same as your AppleID by the address your Mac's Facetime uses.

    It worked fine in Lion. I filed a bug report and that's about all I can do.
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    Congrats on developing the Discussion Forum Random Post Generator app that generates a grammatically correct English sentence that's totally unrelated to the thread topic.

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