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May 20, 2011
So, I have a fully updated 10.8.3 mac mini. I installed latest os x, verson 2.21 or something like that. I think I got it set up with file sharing, dhcp, and netinstall services running.
Installed DS 1.6.0. I can get the assistant to configure and accept the server ip and repository so that seems alright and the deploy studio service turns on.
Created a new netboot set on this mini. BTW, this mini is a model from last summer.

I also have a server running 10.7 that currently works and netboots fine. There are significant changes between 10.7 and 10.8 for but I have tried to follow things as close as possible.

Hopefully that is enough backstory so far. Now, the issue is that in Startup Disk, I can see the netboot set I created however; I cannot netboot to it. The flashing globe comes up after a bit and just flashes and then boots off the hard drive.

I have checked with my network guys and there shouldn't be anything in our network or firewall settings blocking netboot from working. Both machines are on the same subnet. The machine I am trying to netboot is a macbook pro also from last summer.
Bless command has no effect.

At this point, I feel like it may be either a netinstall setting though "sudo serveradmin fullstatus netboot" seems to show everything working.

Any ideas on where to look or changes to try?

Everything else seems ready to roll once I can get netbooting to work.

As a side note, I have never set-up a mac server for this, just administered the current 1 for all other aspects.

Oh and in the netinstall log, I get:

May 15 15:35:20 <server> bootpd[688]: BSDP INFORM [en0] 1,3c:7:54:54:b8:39 NetBoot001 arch=i386 sysid=MacBookPro8,2
May 15 15:35:20 <server> bootpd[688]: NetBoot: [1,3c:7:54:54:b8:39] BSDP ACK[SELECT] sent <client IP> pktsize 360
May 15 15:35:20 <server> bootpd[688]: DHCP INFORM [en0]: 1,3c:7:54:54:b8:39
May 15 15:35:20 <server> bootpd[688]: ACK sent <no hostname> <client IP> pktsize 300
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Jan 25, 2013
From your Log post it looks like a DNS/DHCP problem. Your client is not getting an IP address unless "<client IP>" is an obfuscation that you typed in.

To confirm, create a DS Bootable USB or external disk. You can do this with DS Admin. If it boots and connects to the repository successfully, I would venture that your DHCP server is not responding to requests or may be responding to requests but is being rejected by DNS somehow.

If you have your central IT already providing DNS and DHCP, you do not need it on your server.

In my environment I use the central DNS and DHCP server for all my machines, server and client, and have not had any issues. The client "sees" the netboot image but gets it's ip address and routing info from central IT.

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