10.9 clean install vs. keeping everything simple

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by patent10021, Nov 30, 2013.

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    I know with OS X clean installs aren't necessarily needed but I've heard that it still might be good if you've been using your system for a couple years installing tons of various programs etc. How could it hurt right?

    I am asking the question because I am weighing the advantages against the time it takes to install a new OS + Logic etc.

    I've already backed everything up and I don't have a lot of things to replace. Basically just Adobe CC suite and Logic X. I do have a lot of Logic projects though and you know how not fun it is to make sure project plugin settings etc match up. I mean I obviously have those backed up too but there's always that what if and/or rebuilding of the projects.

    What do you think? Would I have to rebuild Logic projects anyway since I'm upgrading from Logic 9 to X?
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    I believe Logic 9 files can be opened in Logic X. I recently went through the same thing, and I think it's better to do a clean install...if only for the mental assurance. I hate the "maybe I should've done a clean install" feeling. My system was getting cluttered, and now I only have Logic X, Pro Tools, MainStage, Adobe CC, and a few programs for schoolwork on my computer.
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    I've hear facing to the North while upgrading the OS does no harm so I may as well do it right?

    On a Windows PC there is this horrible design error called a Registry and it's good to wipe it out periodically but there is nothing like this in Mac OS X. The new OS does not extend any files

    OK, what the "clean install" does is removes EVERYTHING. So if there is some data or software you've forgotten about it removes it from the drive. But You need a second boot disk to do a clean install because you can't repartition can create a filesystem in the boot disk.

    How would you do this with 10.9 Does Apple offer install media for 10.9? Can you even install 10.9 without already having 10.8?
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    Apple? No, but I offer my own 10.9 install. Use DiskMakerX or manually to make a USB yourself.
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    It doesn't offer media, but a recovery partition.

    Recovery partition is read-only and segregated from the system partition. Holding down <Alt> while booting will offer you access to recovery partition, from where you can launch Disk Utility and format the system partition for a fresh install.

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