10 Reasons to Buy an iPhone

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    Notice that there is no mention of "now not being the time because of a new model"

    From aol.com:

    The most anticipated gizmo of the summer the sleek, smart and sexy Apple iPhone is a 3-in-1 combination of smart-phone, Internet communicator and widescreen iPod.

    But is all the flash and buzz worth the iPhone's high price? $399 for the 8GB model, do the Apple iPhone's bells and whistles justify the cost? The following are our top 10 reasons you should save up for the Apple iPhone -- the most talked-about gadget ever.

    Web, Glorious Web
    The Apple iPhone's easy-to-navigate Safari Browser displays Web pages as you'd see them on your desktop. Zoom in by double-tapping a section of the screen that interests you. Full HTML emails (including seemless integration with AOL Mail) are yours to send and receive on the Apple iPhone, as are Google Maps, which allow you to telephone after you've pinpointed the location. The iPhone will also work with most industry standard IMAP and POP based email services. The QWERTY keyboard makes for easy messaging.

    Screen Star
    Pick a feature, any feature. Our favorite is the Apple iPhone's dexterous touch screen display, which changes with your needs. From conventional keyboard, to video player, to music library browser, any iPhone function is right at your fingertips. That translates to easy texting or typing of emails and simple scrolling through lists with a swipe of the finger.

    Crystal Clear (and Big!) Screen
    Clear, sharp and vibrant: that's a lot to cram into the Apple iPhone's 3.5 screen. But the display is 320 x 480 pixels, which in layman's terms is a whole bunch. Since there's no keypad to take up important space, the iPhone's screen is all screen, which will provide a full multi-media experience.

    Intelligent Design
    See the picture, touch the button. It is that simple. Just touch the icon for what function you want to perform. A built-in gizmo allows you to switch views from portrait to landscape without having to change a thing. Searching through contact names or emails is a snap with one-finger scrolling. Flip through album covers to choose your music and zoom in on photos or web pages with one touch.

    Be the Coolest Kid on the Block
    As if you weren't already, of course. But just think of the possibilities when you flash your Apple iPhone at happy hour, in line at that exclusive club or at the next department meeting. Waiter, we'll have what he's having!

    In iTune
    Pick your best iTune playlists and transfer them over to the Apple iPhone. Videos will pop up on the 3.5 screen for full viewing. Browsing through music and videos is akin to flipping through your CD cases. Just touch the cover art to get the party started.

    Wi-Fi Wonder
    Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology support high-speed Internet and data transfer on the Apple iPhone, which in itself may not sound like much. But add the ability to multi-task while downloading files or talking on the iPhone, and the result is a device that's as productive as it is fun.

    Quick and Crafty Mac OS X
    A streamlined version of Mac OS X makes the Apple iPhone fully mobile, but still desktop-like. While it's not the full operating system, the iPhone OS X still includes key features, especially the software that makes the animation so slick.

    It's Hot (Looking)
    Should we splurge on something just because it's good looking? Of course! A large screen means it's easy to see videos, emails and Web pages on the Apple iPhone. Weighing in at less than five ounces, the sleek design of 4.5 by about 2.5 gives it ultimate portability. Kind of proves that old adage that good things come in small packages.

    We Love Widgets
    If you don't know Mac, a Widget is a quickie way to check all that important stuff: your stocks, the weather in London, the status of that flight to Dubai. These handy little shortcuts keep all the information you need truly at your fingertips.
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    There is no mention at Apple stores either!

    Just because AOL is not all clued up...


    From Kim Arnold:
    "What do I do now?
    A June release for the next iPhone falls conveniently close to Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference which takes place from June 9-13th this year. It's possible that Apple will replace the existing iPhone with the 3G version, but it's also conceivable that the 3G version will be a high-end model, leaving the existing 2.5G iPhone in place at a cheaper price point.

    Due to the mounting evidence for the 3G iPhone, we've updated our Buyers Guide to recommend against buying an iPhone at this time unless you absolutely need it. Obviously, individual circumstances may vary, but if you are an average consumer looking for the best value for the money, we recommend waiting, but understand the new version could still be (at least) 3 months off."

    Are you using http://shopping.aol.com/pages/Why-Buy-Apple-iPhone-/20313
    Because that says:

    "The most anticipated gizmo of the summer -- nay, the year -- is about to make its debut."

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