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Jan 9, 2002
Kellogg IA
This is a message from a friend of mine. I have seen this problem twice before. Once on ain ibook 500(mac os 10.1.5) with 256 MB Ram. And a powerbook 667(mac os 10.1.4) with 512 MB Ram. The only thing i was able to do with the other ones was wipe them and reinstall. once is a fluke, twice is odd, three times is a bug. I have sent an email out to apple and currently waiting for a reply. Has anyone else seen this problem and had any luck with it.

This is the only major problem I have had with OS 10.2. I am currently having problems booting. I have a blueberry clamshell ibook with 160MB of ram and a 40GB HD. It firts hangs durring the screen with the gray on gray apple logo with the flower at the bottom. Now if I hit enter a bunch of times it eventually works. But then it hangs at random times durring the screen with the progress bar, usally durring one of the "waiting for...." items. Then I force a restart. If I do this about 3 times it will fianlly boot in to 10.2 (maybe 10.2.1, not sure). Ok now that I have booted into the OS and everything seems to be working fine, I can't print. It does not even go to the print center. Also if I try to restart I have the same issues. Please help! I have a feeling that a fresh install after I wipe the drive clean will work, but this would be a real pain in the butt, so I would like to tray to avoid this if I can until I get a new tower. Thank you for your time and help!


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Jan 1, 2002
Ok, well this might now help, but it's worth a shot. Is his firmware updated all the way? 160MB of RAM is pretty anemic for OS X, and I have found that Jaguar, while snappy on a G4, is a little sluggish on the older G3's. Maybe your RAM is bad. You checked System Profiler? I don't know. I guess I'm really not much help. Sorry.



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Sep 4, 2001
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Try Repair Permissions

Open the Disk Utility - Select Disk First aid - select "Repair Permissions" then select "Repair" - I'm not sure why permissions get so screwed up, but they do and when I ran this it significantly improved the performance of my tibook.

I agree that 160M RAM is very small for Jaguar - it seems much more memory intensive than 10.1. 256M goes for about $50 these days, actually I just sold TWO on ebay for $50.:)
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