10 Things the Digital Crown and Side Button Do on Apple Watch

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    Other than touch-based screen gestures like tapping and swiping, the Digital Crown and Side buttons are the Apple Watch's only control mechanisms. You can use the Digital Crown to scroll through lists and zoom into pictures and maps, plus it can be used to control slider bars like volume and font size. The Side button is the Apple Watch's one-step access to contacts on your favorites list who you can then call, write a text, or even send your heartbeat.


    The Digital Crown and Side buttons have a few additional uses that you may not already know about. We've got a list of 10 important actions that the Apple Watch's external controls activate.

    Activate Siri

    In addition to saying "Hey Siri," you can activate the personal assistant by holding down the Digital Crown until you see "What can I help you with?" You will also feel a tap on your wrist, acknowledging that Siri is listening.


    Trigger Apple Pay

    When near a supported terminal, you don't have to open the Apple Pay app on Apple Watch to activate it. Simply double-tap the Side button to bring up your card information. Then hold it near a terminal to make the purchase.

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    Slightly more informative than MR's usual Watch how-to posts.
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    Jun 18, 2014
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    New York City
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    San Fransisco, California
    The only useful one on this list was how to force-quit an app.
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    Hoping we'll get to see plenty of richly conceived and completely relevant comments from individuals who don't get the appeal of the watch!
  7. AngerDanger, Jul 23, 2015
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    Unlike the 'How to use [insert app]' articles, this one sheds some light on multifunctional, unlabeled buttons. I'm glad to have read it.
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    I wish that double pressing the side button still launched Passbook (soon to be Wallet) even for the countries that don't have ApplePay. Right now it does nothing so it's a functionality that is going to waste.
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    I hope everyone who has one of these watches is enjoying it, but I just don't get the appeal of it.

    Apple Pay strikes me as clunky, having to reach over with your wrist and hold it awkwardly next to the terminal. I feel the phone is much better for this purpose.
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    Christmas in July!
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    On topic, I really wish you could disable the screenshot function, for every one I've deliberately taken there have been at least ten false positives from bending my wrist back, it's surprisingly sensitive (and strangely happens a lot more than just Siri coming on). Of course after a couple of weeks of this insanity I bit the bullet and started wearing the thing a good inch higher up my arm than I'm used to, which is just starting to feel natural three months on, but it would be nice to have the option to go back.
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    And there are hundreds of things, these 2 buttons still CAN'T do... Yet.
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    "You're wearing it wrong."
  14. EightBitJoe macrumors member

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    It works comfortably on vending machines!
  15. NutSoft macrumors newbie


    Sep 24, 2012
    It's far from clunky and very convenient, after all it's always on your wrist so you just double-click and hold. I've used Apple Pay on both Watch and iPhone, and it's better on your wrist.
  16. BillyTrimble macrumors 6502a

    Sep 20, 2013
    Maybe for you. But I and others found many to be useful.
  17. BillyTrimble macrumors 6502a

    Sep 20, 2013
    Well, at least you never miss an opportunity to bash the watch. How many times does one individual have to indicate they hate the watch?

    You've obviously have never done it, so it amazes me how you can pass judgement. I've used Apple Pay on the watch many, many times. It's incredibly easy to do. While twisting my wrist to let the watch face the terminal might be uncomfortable is I had to hold it there for a minute, it only takes a second and there is absolutely no discomfort involved. It's so much easier than using the phone.

    How can people continue to criticize something that they have never tried and what's even worse make up erroneous fantasies based upon unfounded and blind hatred of something. I'll never understand that.
  18. tipp macrumors regular

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    Unlike you apparently, I have used it for a couple months now using Apple Pay with the Watch and iPhone, and I can tell you that the watch is not at all clumsy. You don't have to contort yourself in any way for it to work, so the basic question is, which is easier: reaching into your pocket and pulling out your phone and reaching your hand up to the terminal with your phone in your hand, or not having to reach in your pocket and instead just reaching your hand up in the same motion? Pretty obviously, the watch is easier and faster and to be honest feels more like the future than Apple Pay on an iPhone.
  19. BillyTrimble macrumors 6502a

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    You have to understand that there are people who have such a blind and ignorant hatred of something that they will say or do anything, even if untrue and irrational, to denigrate something. To say that using the watch for apple pay is in any way clumsy or painful or difficult is just being downright mean spirited. I almost feel sorry for such a person, almost.
  20. bottsjw macrumors member

    Feb 24, 2010
    Great summary.
    Question for any who may have seen this, there have been times that I find the silent mode (not DND) has been enabled. I haven't yet find what sequence of touches or buttons does it but it's not from swiping up and turning it on. Does anyone know of an alternate way to enable silent mode?
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    (serious) did you consider wearing it with the crown to the left?

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