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    Bashers beware: to all the complaining, no GPS, no MMS, no IM, and whatever else you can't take the time to say the whole word to, all the griping, all the I early adopted and now I regretters, should've waited for the reviews, expect way too much from a v1.0 releasers, and plain old spoiled brats who just don't know what they are talking about but continue to rant and bash the iPhone, here's my list of 10 things I love about my iPhone and a few things I'd like to see.

    1. The UI, specifically the touch-screen makes this the finest (and I've owned my share) gadget/piece of hardware - phone or otherwise (and I just upgraded from a $700 Nokia 8801 slider with bearings made by BMW), that I have ever had the pleasure of owning/using. I wasn't going to, but I couldn't resist after using one at the store, and while it may be v1.0 I couldn't wait 8-12 months for 12 or 16GB and whatever other changes come along. This unit will become my wife's or my mom's or dad's and I will upgrade to 2.0 or 3.0, but until then I will enjoy without regret.

    2. The integration of contacts, to calling, to mail with submenus, etc is superb. Using groups out my address book to create smaller lists, setting up reorderable favorites, and having missed calls and all calls so easily accessible.

    3. The keyboard. Sure I make mistakes, and yes it doesn't catch them all. But it works so well, and after only two days, I can only imagine when I really get this thing down. And I really like the suggestive/corrective text.

    4. SMS. Not a big fan of texting, but the iChat type conversation history is great, and again, the interface, the list of messages to go right to instead of messages, then inbox, then scroll down to, then back to inbox, back again, select sent, find reply, what did I say.

    5. Google maps. Say goodbye to 411. Pins, locations, phone numbers, websites, all there, all integrated, add to contacts, call from, get directions. On your phone.

    6. Zoom, Pinch, and Pan. Whether it is photos, maps, or safari. Moving around, zooming in, panning, and back out again, is quick and easy.

    7. 3rd Party apps: Onetrip shopping list is awesome, gas app is very good - lists premium, and moviesapp is fantastic - love it looks just like contacts and submenus work quickly.

    8. Responsiveness. The iPhone does what you want on command. It is quick and responsive and only when you have too much going on is there a little lag here or there, but otherwise I am very impressed - and this is coming from someone who when using a computer is always faster than the machine and hates waiting for it to catch up with me.

    9. EDGE, any complainers. I like my battery life, so 3G, forget about the drain. EDGE is not just bearable. Gets me the info in an acceptable time frame. Safari, mail, and maps are just fine for the amount of data and the 10-45 second loads. ESPN doesn't take more than 35 secs to load. And there is a lot of content. And when Wi-Fi is available, sure I use it. But if I'm driving, no worries.

    10. the iPod: it is a phone first. And a great phone. The jury is still out on how well it works for calls, quality and clarity over time. I have yet to get a new bluetooth headset or to make but one call via the earbuds. But signal and call quality is good, no complaints at all from the other end. As an iPod, cover flow is amazing, art to track flipping is fantastic, and full screen video makes watching a music video, tv show, or movie on an iPod worth it. Those 5G and 5.5G video iPods do not. Draggable volume and scrub controls are great.

    Suggestion. To any and all iPhone users, I recommend the Powersupport Crystal Film. I have used it with my silicone case for my Nano and actually bought it before my iPhone knowing the Apple Store might run out.

    Other reviews. I bought and returned the Belkin Holster and tried at the Apple Store the Griffin Elan Holster, both of which were too tight and felt like I might fling my iPhone across the room trying to pull it out. When it's on your belt, you should be able to slide it out. Other forum members said within a week it got too loose to the point of easily falling out. I also returned without opening it the Incase Protective Cover after hearing how they changed shape and let debris under the edge, scratching the bezel. I ended up getting the Griffin Elan Snap-in which is easy to take in and out and yet is snug. It's nice because you can use it with the screen out, or flip it around for protection. What I really wanted was a soft pouch for using in my pocket, so I also ended up ordering a foofpod bag for the iPhone from www.foofshop.com based on a recommendation from a forum member and will most likely use that a majority of the time. My Nokia 8801 has a suede pouch that I carried it in for nearly two years, and while the phone is stainless steel and Nokias are known for their ultra-durable glass screens, to this day there is not a scratch on it. So pouch all the way.

    Lastly, my suggestions, or gripes/complaints about the iPhone.

    1. I wish that in Safari I could close the last remaining web page. It seems that one is always left open and while there is no flash running, it would be nice to close the page.

    2. Ringtones. Yes I want to use my iTunes songs, portions of songs, whatever. On my Nokia it used AAC and I could make part of any song a ringtone or use a song for my alarm clock. Ringtone limit was 25 sec and alarm limit was 60 sec. I would change both every couple months.

    3. I would like if I am in a conversation and I home out, or sleep out, that when I turn it back on it goes to the home and not to my conversations, or the next time I got to SMS, it goes to main, and not the last conversation I was in. Likewise if I am settings, next time I go in, I want the main settings list, not the general or whatever setting I was last in.

    4. I would like in iPod mode that if I view a playlist, when I turn to coverflow it is just the covers for the songs/albums in that playlist, same with music videos. But when you turn to coverflow it is all covers, no matter what you were viewing in portrait.

    5. I would also really really like to see those new iMacs we've been hearing about come out.
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    I find Edge to be similar to my AT&T phone service.

    At times it is very quick and receptive.

    At other times, it takes 2-3 minutes to load Google.com

    Hit or Miss

    Moreso it hits but lately the last day or so its been very miss.

    Am hoping AT&T puts some money into making it a little quicker in the future.

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