1080p iTunes store & Apple TV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Julien, Oct 10, 2011.

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    Now that Apple is finally recognizing 1080p with the iPhone 4S what does this mean for iTunes and Apple TV? Will Apple add 1080p movies and Apple TV support now? Seems strange to have a lowly phone capturing higher resolution video of your cat chasing her tail than Transformers on iTunes. :eek:
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    Apple doesn't control the content. The Studios own the content. They decide if they want to offer 1080p content to the iTunes store or not.

    Will there be 1080p content in the store? Best guess is yes. When? Don't know. Probably when a 1080p-capable :apple:TV is rolled out or maybe if a "retina" screen iPad 3 shows up. Some believe the software must beat the hardware into the store but it only makes sense that the hardware leads. If everything was offered in 1080p today for :apple:TV yet there are no :apple:TVs capable of pushing 1080p to the TVs, what's the point?

    As to "seems strange...", it's been that way for years. Sure, the iPhone just made it to 1080p recording, but consumer camcorders & cameras- even cheap ones- have been able to capture 1080 HD for many years (I've been shooting 1080 video since 2006 myself). iMovie will edit & render in 1080 (and has since 2006). iTunes will store and play it as a 1080 video just fine. Both :apple:TVs have been built to max out at 720p.

    Hopefully, now that Apple themselves have embraced 1080p in the new iPhone, it's only a matter of (hopefully a short) time until a new generation :apple:TV is rolled out to finally break the 720p barrier. Pretty much everyone else that competes in the space has long been 1080p. But Apple has the best UI and you need Apple to go there if you want 1080p and you are pretty much invested in the iTunes model.

    I do think iPhones shooting 1080p + Airplay is about the best catalyst for believing in an update to the little box sooner than later. That along with it being an iOS device itself now, A5 replacing the A4, etc seems to be good variables in play that would feed into a belief of an impending next gen with 1080p specs. I just hope the "impending" piece is genuinely sooner than later (weeks or months instead of years).

    This little box has so much potential for everyone: us consumers, Apple, content owners looking for other ways to monetize their work, etc. I wish it would stop being a "hobby" and get some heavy focus for a while. 1080p + app store + normalize the USB port (user choice local storage, hardware+app extensions) plus just a few other popular wishes would make this THE device for this kind of thing. I think THAT version would sell like crazy (there's far more TV watchers in the world than cell phone users).

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